Chris Brown Followed by Controversy

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy, and that is something that continues to keep him in the eye of the media on a regular basis. Brown was first known for being aggressive when photos of then-girlfriend Rihanna surfaced, with bruises all over her face. After first denying the charges, he then went to court and was put on probation for his involvement in said domestic abuse case. Even after this situation, Rihanna and he continued to date off and on a few more years before officially calling it quits.

He has continued to be in the eye of the media, first for naked photos which were leaked of him and then more recently for a child that is allegedly his love child with his new girlfriend. His name is one of those that continues to spark interest and controversy in both Hollywood and in the music industry.

Police now want to talk to him because he is alleged to have assaulted a man on the basketball court at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, where he was playing a game with a few other men. According to his publicist, he is in the city performing at Drai’s and has even been given a key to the strip while he was there. The man who showed up at the court was not invited, and was removed from the premises according to his publicist. Brown is being accused of assault in this game, although there is not enough evidence yet.

The man was treated for his condition at a local Vegas hospital for the altercation that ensued. Although Brown is well known for being aggressive, police are still investigating what happened on the court in Las Vegas. He was just taken off of probation for the felony assault of Rihanna in 2009 and is no longer being monitored by the law since March of 2015.

Update: the singer will not be charged in this incident. It was just announced on May 5 at at 4pm EST that the person who made the report to the authorities did not want to press charges, and for that reason the police will not look at the instance any further.

Chris Brown Media Firefly

Although he has been happy to be a part of the media himself, he has been much shyer when it comes to his daughter Royalty. Last month he uploaded photos of her to his Instagram account and confirmed that she was in fact, his daughter. Prior to that, there had been much speculation and buzz that this was an attempt to pass her off as his daughter although they might not be related. He has shown himself to be a loving father seen often with her in matching shirts and spending time with her whenever his schedule will permit is.

His Former Flame

Recently, Brown and Rihanna attended the Grammys on the same night and did not speak to one another. Upon parting ways and no longer being an item, they do not appear to be on speaking terms either. Although their most recent breakup was over in March of 2013, these two still do not seem to have the wherewithal to be able to turn their heads when it comes to their history together.

Although the two are not on talking terms, they are very civil to one another as he stated to Hollywood Life. He said that even though they were together as a couple any longer, he always wished her nothing but the best and that they would always be friends even if they were not speaking on a regular basis. The source further stated that they will continue to wish each other well, although they are no longer close.

Brown in the Media

Despite still living beyond his reputation in the industry, he is now focusing on making himself successful as a father as well as focusing on his recording career. In many of his recent projects, he has shown himself in a comedic light and has been working on poking fun at the reputation that he has been getting in the industry recently. However, the media will not give him a break anytime soon as there is continued news wherever he goes.

As the old saying goes, it may be that no publicity is bad publicity, Brown will continue to dominate the hip-hop scene as well as the music industry, with his mix of cutting edge sound and public life.

He continues to be one of the undisputed heads of the industry, and continues to evolve as an artist in ways that will keep his listeners enjoying the sound as well as plugged in for all of his upcoming projects. Although controversy follows Brown quite often, he will continue to be one of the undeniable kings of music. All listeners will wait to see what he will put out next, having become addicted to the talent that is Brown.

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Photo Eva Rinaldi   Creativecommons Flickr License

Photo Eva Rinaldi  Creativecommons Flickr License

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