Conspiracy Theories Abound With New Jade Helm Military Exercises

Conspiracy theories
As the U.S. Military embarks on an unprecedented domestic military operation from the state of Texas to California, and all parts in between, citizens are nervous. Conspiracy theories abound when it comes to the unprecedented Jade Helm 15 military exercise. Military men consistently train for where they will fight and engage their enemy, so why is all of this military might and activity heading to Texas? Heavy military machinery, U.N. trucks and medical vehicles, and massive convoys have been seen making a beeline for Texas and the surrounding area. A domestic military operation like this hasn’t happened since the “Cuban Missile Crisis” over 50 years ago. Many conspiracy theories refer to that as one of the original “false flag” events, that was intended to start a war. Is this a new “false flag” in creation? What does this mean?

Conspiracy theories expert Alex Jones released the news of the Jade Helm 15 exercise and area targets on last month. Mainstream media accused him of being a conspiracy theorist who was to be ignored as a fear-mongerer. The exercise is to begin operations on Jul. 15, according to the military’s documentation of the action. “The size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart” from all previous domestic military deployments, according to military officials at the Army’s Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, N.C.. This amounts to a giant war game spread across the Southwest. The mission is to work with Army Green Berets and other top-flight military personnel to sharpen skills in terrain they might find overseas.

Except Texas’ terrain, with Texas civilians, aren’t found overseas. Maps and official documents of the Jade Helm 15 exercise have listed Texas as a “Hostile” area. Should not that, along with the immense military deployments heading in that direction raise a “red flag” in the “red state” of Texas? At best, this turn of events is without precedent, and very curious to behold, and has definitely driven several Jade Helm exercise conspiracy theories, from martial law enactment, to the collapse of the U.S. Dollar approaching.

A lengthy history of political and military conspiracy theories have proven fairly accurate, both in the U.S. and abroad. Acts of deception and the targeting of American citizens is not exactly unusual within recent history. The Tuskegee Experiments lasted over 40 years and killed over 300 black American men by injecting them with Syphilis without their knowledge or consent. The goal was to see if Syphilis had a different effect on black men over white men.

MK-Ultra was started in 1953 by the CIA and put into action throughout the U.S. and Canada with unwitting citizens being subjected to mind control experiments. Electroshock therapy, hypnosis, subliminal persuasion and isolation techniques were all apart of the CIA’s program.

The New York Times broke the phony story told to Congress by a 15-year-old girl who launched the Gulf War in 1990. “Nayirah” went in front of Congress to make claims that Iraqi soldiers had left newborn babies to die after removing them from incubators. Her testimony was found to be written and arranged by PR firm Hill & Knowlton to conjure of support for the war in the Middle East, costing thousands of lives of American soldiers. The potential genesis for an era of conspiracy theories was Operation Northwoods. This was a government plan that was to begin a new war with communist Cuba over 50 years ago. This included the destruction of planes carrying American citizens that would be blamed on Cuba in an effort to overthrow the government.

Considering the fact that a domestic military exercise like Jade Helm 15 has never taken place before, it is not far-fetched for conspiracy theories to latch onto something coming soon. The U.S. Military has a rich history of fighting wars and military deployments overseas, but this is a new frontier that has never been broached. They have been fighting and training for wars without domestic deployments for centuries. Something beyond normal training for war has changed, and Americans don’t even know that we have  current enemy to train for.

Drills like this one in the video below are being practiced in California by American soldiers. Those do not look like foreign military combatants. They look like common American citizens. Is it not wise to ask why these drills are being carried out here and now? On Jul. 15, some of these questions may be answered.

Opinion By Evander Smart

i100 Independent
NY Times
Photo by Spc. Garett Hernandez – Creativecommons Flickr License

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