‘Dancing With the Stars’: Results Show [Recap]

Dancing With the Stars

On an hour-long episode of Dancing With the Stars on ABC tonight, a Results episode, the fates of the four remaining celeb dancers was in the hands of the show’s judges and the viewers and fans of America. One of the celebs was eliminated tonight, leaving just three to move on to next week and vie for the Mirrorball Trophy. It was an exciting, entertaining, dance-filled episode tonight.

Host Tom Bergeron recapped last night’s performances on Dancing With the Stars and he again congratulated Noah Galloway and Jamie on their engagement. Then, though, Bergeron broke a bit of potentially bad news to Noah and his dance partner, Sharna Burgess, that they had gotten the lowest scores from the judges yesterday, 66 points out of 70. That put them in danger of being eliminated.

The first dance of the evening on Dancing With the Stars was one involving Artem and Witney Carson, among other dancers. They danced to a version of the Bryan Adams classic hit, Summer of 69.

Next up, after Dancing With the Stars co-host, Erin Andrews, talked with the four pro dancers still in the competition, who complimented the celebs still in the running, it was time to learn if Ryker Lynch and Alison Holker were safe or not. As they received a perfect score of 40 followed by a perfect score of 30, they were declared safe and will be going on to the Finals, next Monday night.

After seeing a vintage montage of all sorts of dances from the early 1900s to the present-day, yet another celeb’s fate was revealed by Tom Bergeron on Dancing With the Stars. Nastia Liukin and Derek/Sasha Farber, despite getting perfect scores also last night of 40 and 30, were declared to be in jeopardy of being eliminated. The audience did not like hearing Bergeron’s proclamation, and booed the possibility of Nastia getting eliminated.

Then, a futuristic-style dance was done by the female professional dancers on Dancing With the Stars. Even holograms were employed during the performance, and it looked pretty spectacular. The audience erupted in applause as the dance ended.

After that, the musical artist, Flo Rida, sang one of his latest songs, Going Down for Real. Flo Rida has been on Dancing With the Stars in the past, and dancers have fairly frequently danced to his songs. He got the studio audience pumped up and they applauded enthusiastically as he finished singing.

Tom Bergeron then announced the fate of celebrity dancer, Rumer Wilis. She and Val have been favorites from the start of the season. Last night, the judges awarded them 68 out of 70 points. Bergeron informed them that score also placed them in danger of being eliminated. Once again, the studio audience booed.

The viewers of America then were treated to another musical performance on Dancing With the Stars, when Ryker Lynch’s brother, Ross, took the stage with the cast of Teen Beach 2. He sang the song Gotta Be Me. Talent definitely appears to run in the family.

As the hour-long Dancing With the Stars episode drew to a close, it was time to have the fates of the celeb dancers revealed. Len Goodman said that with the terrific dances of last night, none of the remaining celebs deserve to get eliminated — but, one of them was sent home tonight.

First, somehow…Noah and Sharna were revealed to be still safe. That meant that either Rumer Willis or Nastia Liukin was going to be eliminated. Though Nastia and Sasha Farber got better scores last night than did Rumer Willis and Val, Nastia was the celeb who was eliminated on Dancing With the Stars. Find out who wins it all by tuning in to ABC next week!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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