Dwayne Johnson Breaks Selfie Record and Admits What Makes Him Cry

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, at the London premiere of his latest blockbuster action movie, San Andreas, broke the world record for appearing in the most selfies in just three minutes. The Rock also admitted to having a tender side, in an interview with the New York Times, confessing that there is one sure thing that makes him cry if a performance demands for it, a certain song that works all of the time when he hears it. As if that information about Johnson was not enough, he also rode in on a fire truck to the Hollywood premiere of San Andreas on Tuesday.

Dwayne Johnson managed to pull off his Guinness World Record-breaking feat by using his smartphone to snap 105 photos with individual fans in three minutes. Not all of the photos counted towards the record, but enough did for him to break it. All of the faces had to be in focus and the full face and neck of each of the fans taking part in the record-breaking selfie extravaganza had to appear in the photos for them to be counted.

The entire world-breaking effort by Dwayne Johnson had been planned and orchestrated in advance. When he walked out onto the stage prior to the screening of San Andreas, Johnson was presented with an official certificate commemorating his breaking the selfie record. He thanked everybody who had taken part in his accomplishment, saying that he “could not have done it without everyone who was helping me.”

Dwayne Johnson Admits That Whitney Houston Makes Him Cry

Occasionally, even actors who generally present tough exteriors, like former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, is required to cry during a scene, and “The Rock” has admitted in the New York Times interview that a certain Whitney Houston song does the trick for him. The song is her hit, Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

Johnson did not have much reason to cry when he played the title character in the movie, Hercules, that opened in theaters last year. However, he might have felt a few tears welling up in his eyes after it was a flop at the box office domestically. But, San Andreas is looking like it will be a big summer hit, and whenever Johnson needs to cry on demand, Houston’s iconic song does it every time for him.

Dwayne Johnson Rode Into the Hollywood Premiere on a Fire Truck

Dwayne Johnson had already broken the selfie record at the London premiere of San Andreas, so he decided to follow that up with a more typically macho way to kick off the Hollywood premiere, by riding in on a Los Angeles Fire Department fire truck. A helicopter circled overhead, which was fitting, as Johnson plays a rescue helicopter pilot who is searching for his daughter during the chaos that ensues because of a massive earthquake that hits L.A.

Johnson said in an interview with USA TODAY that he arrived on the fire truck as a way to “pay homage and honor the first responders and the LAFD.” Prior to the premiere of San Andreas, Johnson said that he “hung out” with some members of the LAFD “at Fire Station 27 in Los Angeles.” They cooked food from Hawaii for him, and he even got to met the fire chief there.

Dwayne Johnson topped his record-breaking selfie feat at the London premiere of San Andreas with a grand entrance riding to the premiere of the flick in Hollywood on a fire truck. He also admitted that whenever a scene in a movie like San Andreas calls for him to cry, the one sure-fire way to make the tears flow is for him to listen to Whitney Houston’s iconic hit, Didn’t We Almost Have It All? Johnson’s upcoming movie, San Andreas, premieres in theaters domestically this coming Friday, May 30.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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