Errol Brown Who Sang the Popular “You Sexy Thing” Dies at 71

Errol BrownThe man who sang You Sexy Thing, which was one of the most popular hits in the 70’s and 80’s, Errol Brown, has died at the age of 71. As the front-man of Hot Chocolate, the group played many songs, but none as popular as the previously mentioned hit. The song You Sexy Thing blew up again in the 90’s, shortly after it was featured in The Full Monty. Brown’s manager, Phil Dale, announced the singer’s death after he had passed from liver cancer. Friends and family have been quick to make good statements about Errol.

Born in Jamaica as Lester Errol Brown, the man seemed to make friends wherever he went. As many refer to him as a gentlemen, friends and family are stating just why they call him that. Friends recalling their fondest memories of him, has certainly kept the news busy. As Brown leaves behind his wife, Ginette, two daughters, Colette and Leoni, and many friends, everyone who mentions the singer states just how much he will be missed. Rest in peace Errol.

By Crystal Boulware



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