FKA Twigs’ Pregnancy Reason Behind Robert Pattinson Summer Wedding?

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FKA Twigs’ engagement to Robert Pattinson may have seen like it came out of nowhere. The two, who just began dating a year ago, are now fuelling pregnancy rumors due to the sudden engagement announcement that came out of the blue.

According to sources, it is believed that Pattinson and Twigs had been considering marriage for quite a while. They see each other being together for the rest of their lives and support each other fully. In fact, they are so close that at they avoid spending more than a week away from one another. Pattinson’s family is said to be getting along with Pattinson’s fianceé extremely well, having allegedly been their blessings to wed the 29-year-old.

A hefty portion of Pattinson’s fans is confounded in the matter of why he would race into marriage so rapidly, particularly with late tabloids asserting he has no enthusiasm for making Twigs consent to a prenuptial arrangement. Both, the wedding and the choice not to have a prenup under tight restraints, appear to be so out of the actor’s character, essentially on the grounds that had this been Kristen Stewart, Pattinson would not have acted thusly.

Amid his three-year-relationship to the Snow White and the Huntsman star, Pattinson never proposed to Stewart, nor did he ever consider making moves on marrying his long-lasting sweetheart. Meanwhile, having only dated Twigs for a year, he is already certain that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Granted, Stewart cheated on Pattinson with film director Rupert Sanders — a mistake she genuinely laments. Regardless, he took her back, implying that he had overlooked the scandalous affair and was willing to move forward. Still, the relationship did not see the couple being much else besides just boyfriend and girlfriend, which is pitiful considering the two had been together for a considerable amount of time.

Fans are currently conjecturing whether FKA Twigs could conceivably be pregnant. As indicated by sources, marriage is by all account, not the only thing the Hollywood stars have been discussing as of late. Twigs is all that much for the thought of having children. Should she fall pregnant at any given time, she would solely concentrate on parenthood and make her child her only priority, despite having picked up a gigantic following in the United States, on account of the many festivals she has been performing at. Putting her career on hold at a time where she is experiencing an incredible amount of public exposure seems like a risky move, but Twigs is willing to do that if it means she can be a mother.

Either way, fans are persuaded that FKA Twigs could quite possibly be pregnant with Pattinson’s child, meaning all of the things the two had hoped would happen for them in the future, are now happening. With an assumed child on the way and the day of their wedding getting closer and closer, it appears that the former Twilight actor is prepared to settle down and turn into a family man, however Twi-hards would have probably favored this to have been with Stewart.

By Maurice Cassidy


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  2. maggiemae   May 23, 2015 at 7:44 am

    He and Kristen were going to get married but he could not seem to stay from Katy Perry. He and Kristen parted way in 2012, if I am correct, but it was reported that he was seeing fka in 2012. If this is true, who was the real cheater? He is ruining his life and career and I can’t believe his family, who is reported to be so traditional, would be so happy about his stupid choices.

    • Constance Cappadonia   May 23, 2015 at 10:32 am

  3. sweet   May 22, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    My guess is that the man has brain cells that function and it’s a good thing! I believe they are madly in love with each other and have every intention of staying together forever♡♡ 《problem is there’s no garentees in love OR life》

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