Florida Shooting Wounds Four, Kills One Teen


A new shooting in Florida has wounded four adults and killed one teen. Police are bothered by the fact that a teenager was killed in the shooting, even though they do not believe he was a target. They are currently investigating the matter to try and capture the gunmen who fled after the shooting, and to try and gain more information into why the shooting took place.

It was on Tuesday that two gunmen opened fire on four young adults in an open apartment. Police state that the teenager was standing near the area where the four adults were sitting, when he was struck. The teenager was immediately taken to the hospital nearby and died from his injuries, while the four other victims were believed to be severely injured, but police did not release information on their conditions.

Police said that the two men walked in and began firing high-powered rifles. They stated that they do not currently know what could have caused the shooting, and they are asking anyone with information to come forward. They state that it is unfortunate that the family members, even those who are dealing with their own injuries, now have to mourn the death of a child.

It is also currently unclear how the four adults and one teen were related to each other, as little information has been released, so far. Miami-Dade county police plan to continue their investigation until they know all of the details and can catch the two men who fired on the Florida residents, leaving four wounded and one teen dead from the shooting.

By Crystal Boulware


ABC News: Police: 1 Teen Killed, 4 Adults Wounded in Florida Shooting

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