Floyd Mayweather Jr. Does Not Impress Some Boxing Followers

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. came victorious in yesterday’s boxing bout with Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao, but his way of fighting did not impress some boxing followers. It can be expected for Pacquiao’s camp to call the result as “foul,” but other boxing enthusiasts were also disappointed by the judges’ decision, and by the fight in general.

Many have been excited for to watch the biggest battle in boxing as two world-class favorites Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were set to meet and test their limits as who will come out greater than the other. Mayweather put his undefeated record on the line, while Pacquiao had to fight to grab the honor to be the first boxer to beat him.

The May 2 boxing bout did not come as an action-packed spectacle. Mayweather jabbed his way to a controversial unanimous decision to win over Pacquiao and maintain his clean record. Retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya lamented he was not into running style, but prefers jumping out of his seat because there is a fight and the fans need to get their money’s worth. Pacquiao’s camp said after waiting for five long years, they are frustrated to get less than what they expected.

During the game’s preparation, Pacquiao’s team planned to throw tons of punches to Mayweather so that their man could win by decision. Pacman himself thought he would win, as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. did not do much but to run and avoid his blows.

After the fight, Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum revealed their bet’s injury in the shoulder and that the Filipino was crucially denied of injection prior to the fight. While Pacquiao’s fans are more blatant of their support for him, it could be regarded as a “sour grape.” Had it happened the other way around for Mayweather, who is disliked by people due to his alleged charges of violence (and he even heard people booing him), an injury claim from a loser after the fight could have drawn more haters to his camp.

It was six years ago when Mayweather and Pacquiao should have fought, but such is enough to build the big anticipation and hype over their overly popular match. Though both could not have been in one boxing category, their respective sides and the big guys in the boxing space came up with ways to have them finally together and grant the clamor of sports fans for a great boxing spectacle.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not impress some boxing followers. Worse is, according to USA Today, yesterday’s event has just killed boxing, and that people will not be willing again to pay $100 for a 36-minute game where two men are just grabbing each other. If there is a rematch, then it will be another story.

On the Telegraph’s live reaction page, boxing enthusiasts poured their frustrations over the fight’s result. Many could not take the scoring while others, even those who are non-Floyd fans, agreed with the judges. Manny Pacquiao is undoubtedly loved by his fans and they are relieved that he does not suffer much injury from Mayweather’s few, but strong punches. While Paquiao himself has accepted his defeat, his fans are still struggling to move on.

Last night’s fight raised Mayweather’s boxing profession to another level of 48-0. His win has not snatched Pacquiao from the hearts of those who love the Filipino boxer. Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not impress some boxing followers, but he still has officially put the legendary Filipino boxer on his list of defeated opponents.

By Judith Aparri

LA Times
The Telegraph
USA Today

Photo courtesy of Prize Fights.com – Creativecommons Flickr License

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