Grey’s Anatomy Two-Hour Post-Mortem Frustrating

Grey’s Anatomy

One week after Grey’s Anatomy fans were shocked by an episode in which Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka “McDreamy” died. Fans got another shocker. The highly touted two-hour post-mortem episode contained just about every trite plot twist all wrapped into one frustrating, chaotic, sometimes hard to follow, frustrating Grey’s Anatomy.

The rumored departure of Patrick Dempsey, an original cast member, was never confirmed ahead of last week’s show. Unlike other shows that have killed off or had a character leave at the season end, Grey’s Anatomy chose to deal with Dempsey’s Dr. Derek early to capitalize on shock value.

Then, the very next Grey’s Anatomy episode had several trite tricks to pick up the pieces, but instead the pieces of the picture never fit well. (Is it possible ABC chose to bump Scandal and run Grey’s Anatomy as a two-hour block because spreading it over two weeks would have lead viewers to tune out the second half when the show tried to pull it back in?) Was the point that losing someone leaves a void people fill in different ways? Or was all the Dr. Ellis Grey inclusion a hint that Meredith is going to morph into her mom?

While people react to death differently, the reactions in the show seemed overly dramatic, which made them more annoying. Dr. Shepherd’s widow, Dr. Meredith Grey, inexplicably did not call anyone for support – including her husband’s family – when deciding she had to pull the plug. She is a doctor, but the matter-of-fact reaction was out of character for someone who now is always surrounded by her people. Then, on yesterday’s show, she broke the news matter-of-factly to his colleagues in the hospital break room.

After the funeral, Grey took her kids, Zola and Bailey, and ran away from reminders of her life with Derek, and the plot ran away too. It time-hopped through the holidays over the next year, from Easter to Valentine’s Day. The reason, which was hinted at in a prior episode where Derek and Meredith talked about another child, is that Meredith is pregnant, which she does not care to share with anyone in her life or Derek’s family.

This follows in the footsteps and flight steps of her mother, who took off to have a secret baby – after trying to kill herself. But that baby was from a married man who chose to stay with his wife and put up for adoption. Meredith’s is a lasting permanent reminder of her husband and she plans to raise it with their other two kids.

It is understandable that Meredith is used to keeping many of her feelings bottled up. She had to grow up with her abusive, neglectful mother and absent father. But, her life and social skills changed greatly over the past 10 years.

Meredith has long had flashbacks in the show about her mother lying in a pool of blood and Meredith calling 911. So it was creepy that, when she had pregnancy issues and was bleeding on the floor, her daughter Zola had to call 911. Is Meredith going to turn into her mother personality-wise going forward?

Then, after spurning all contacts from friends and family for nine months, somehow Meredith had Dr. Alex Karev listed as her emergency contact in the hospital. He ultimately comes and brings her and her now three kids home.

Other Grey’s Anatomy fans characters had a mix of extreme reactions, too. For example, Dr. Owen Hunt re-enlists in the Army to do surgery in a war zone. Still mourning her son, Dr. April Kepner joins him for a three-month stint that keeps getting extended.

The two characters who really displayed honest reactions were Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Amelia Shepard. After a patient walks on a bionic leg for the first time, Callie starts crying and explains that he can do that because of an amazing neurosurgeon who was a good friend (Derek). Amelia, who battled addiction on Grey’s Anatomy and its former spin-off, Private Practice, is tempted to take Oxy again. She tells Owen that every man she has loved has died (for those who have not followed the saga for 11 years – her father was shot in front of her, her drug addict fiancé overdosed, her baby died right after birth, and now her only brother is gone).

Grey’s Anatomy has been popular for 11 years because the characters are well developed, plots realistic, and more. Perhaps that was what was so frustrating about Grey’s Anatomy’s two-hour nine-month-long kaleidoscope of post-mortem confusion. McDreamy was a major character, but the show has lost several over the years without losing its way. Hopefully, the ship will get righted in next week’s episode.

Opinion By Dyanne Weiss

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