Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult Reunite on ‘X-Men’ Set — Dating Again?

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence has left fans pondering whether she and ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult are dating again on account of a recent selfie that was posted on Instagram by Bryan Singer. The X-Men: Apocalypse director snapped a photograph of himself with Hoult and Lawrence close by, affirming that shooting for the forthcoming film had started.

Lawrence, who sports a big grin on her face, had called it quits with Hoult back in 2014 due to her hectic work schedule. The actress became so busy with her career, she could not find time for her former boyfriend, who she has famously dumped on multiple occasions. The couple has reportedly ended their relationship four times in the past, and every breakup was blamed on scheduling conflicts.

The positive side to dating another actor is that they comprehend the business and how it does not generally suit the needs of the individual. In the meantime, its negatives are that there is rare time for personal pleasure, such as spending time with family or settling down in a relationship. Taking into consideration that Lawrence has quickly become one of the biggest Hollywood stars, her career will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Filming X-Men will see the two work together for a considerable amount of time. Shooting for the movie is expected to last two months, which could potentially mean that Lawrence may want to give the relationship another try. There is nothing wrong with being in two-month long relationships, is there? For an ordinary person looking for love, it would sound crazy, but considering that both celebs have broken up and gotten together on so many occasions, the idea of reconciling for two months would not sound like a crazy idea to them. Considering the amount of times the two have broken up, Lawrence and Hoult dating again would not come as a surprise to anybody.

Fans are convinced that a reunion is bound to follow. Lawrence’s break-up with Hoult was not done in a bitter manner. The two just could not find time to be with one another. Should they end up deciding to give their romance another shot, it is evidently clear that they will break-up once shooting for X-Men is complete, as this particular film is the only reason why they have found time to be with one another. It just so happens that both of them are starring in the movie together.

After the completion of the inevitable X-Men flick, Lawrence will be on promotional obligations, not long from now, for the forthcoming arrival of Mockingjay: Part 2, trailed by the expected motion picture Joy, featuring the actress’ pal Bradley Cooper. The Oscar-award-winner has not signed on to any further projects as of yet, either because she is being extra picky with the scripts that are handed to her, or because she may want to take some time off from working.

If Lawrence decides to take some time off from work, perhaps the idea of getting back with Hoult may not be such a bad idea. Granted, the two will not be seeing each other a lot once they finish filming X-Men, but if the actress is definitely planning for a break from acting, then there is no reason why she should not start dating her ex again. After all, it was the stress of working that caused their relationship to crumble in the first place. The twosome first started dating in 2011, following the release of X-Men: First Class. It would be ironic to see them reunite on another X-Men project.

By Maurice Cassidy

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