Join the ‘Flex It Pink’ Army of Strong Empowering Women

Flex it PinkThe Flex it Pink movement is a community of women who provide the necessary support women need to maintain or begin a journey of lifelong health and fitness. Flex it Pink community already exists and they are seeking women across the globe to join their efforts to conquer the obesity epidemic the nation is currently undergoing.

Flex it Pink movement was initiated by founders Elisha Villanueva and Anna Snyder, who are not only fitness gurus, but inspiring entrepreneurs and moms.  Their number one priority is to help women, each step of their journey, without judgment. Villanueva and Snyder are energetic, relatable and fun-loving. They have an arsenal of effective, yet simple, exercises that can whip people into shape just in time for the summer. Villanueva and Snyder call their feature program “Bikini Body in 30 days” and it comes loaded with exercises and tips.

Flex it Pink is not just about muscles, but strong empowering women who are fighting to live a better life. These women are fighters who have no problem flexing the biggest muscle, their heart. The community of empowering women want to spread the support and awareness of self-love. Women instinctively nurture and care, not only for their children, but other loved ones before taking care of themselves. Flex it Pink wants all women to be reminded that they deserve and need personal time to focus and work on themselves.

Statistics report that one out of every four Americans live an inactive life. It is time to alter that statistic and the “PINK” community wants to initiate the change. Children follow the example of their parents and those in authority; it is time to Flex it Pink and be strong in all aspects of life, including the body and mind.

Experts believe society has the power to add days to their life simply by making healthy choices. Reportedly, at least one-third of adult cases of cancer are linked to its victim’s lifestyle. While diseases may not be under the total control of humanity, lifestyle is. It is important to recognize the difference a person can obtain with each unhealthy habit they decide to replace with a healthier option.Flex it Pink

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle in not an easy feat in today’s busy world. Flex it Pink understands the challenge and believes there is strength in numbers; they want no one to have to go at it alone. This community is all about women joining together for the common goal of empowerment. One way they are accomplishing this is with their online virtual 5K/10K run.

Flex it Pink currently hosts five annual virtual runs that not only help support women in the fitness lifestyle and keep them motivated, but the proceeds go towards a great cause by benefiting amazing organizations. The next 5K/10K virtual run is taking place May 16-23, 2015. All monies from this virtual run will benefit the Girls on the Run non-profit organization.

The upcoming run already has thousands of people signed up online to participate. In order to join the fun, register online ( by purchasing a swag bag for $35. This race pack, or swag bag, includes a race tank or t-shirt, race bib and custom finisher’s medal. Once the race pack is received participants can complete their virtual run anywhere or anyway they choose. From anywhere in the world they can cycle, hike, run, swim or walk in the mountains, at Disneyland on a cruise ship or anywhere in between.

Once the race has been completed, participants are asked to take a screenshot of their miles, a snapshot of themselves with their finisher’s medal and post the image on social media with the hashtag #FIPGirlsRunTheWorld. In order to see the amazing women who have already joined the movement and signed up for the mission just use the hashtag #FlexitPink on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Do not waste anymore time living a sedentary life; join Elisha Villanueva, Anna Snyder and the Flex it Pink army of strong empowering women from around the globe. The “PINK” community is working together to fight for women’s health and to conquer the obesity epidemic which has overtaken society. Flex it Pink was created to support, encourage, educate and empower women on the healthy lifestyle journey.  For more details on upcoming virtual runs please check out the Virtual 5K tab on the Flex it Pink website.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Flex it Pink
Elisha Villanueva
Anna Snyder

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