‘Lip Sync Battle’: Salt Overpowers Pepa? [Recap]

Lip Sync Battle

On Lip Sync Battle, one of the season’s most hotly anticipated battles took place, as Salt tried to overpower Pepa with her lip sync skills. Salt and Pepa, better known as Salt-N-Pepa, pushed their lip sync skills to their very limits in a head-to-head matchup tonight.

Lip Sync Battle‘s host, LL Cool J, and the beautiful color commentator, Chrissy Teigen, two of the best co-hosts around, took the stage. Chrissy introduced LL Cool J, and then, he returned the favor, by introducing her.

LL Cool J introduced Salt first, wearing a white dress, and then Pepa, in a black dress. The winner would get to take home the Lip Sync Championship Belt. Salt went first, and she lip synced to Kelly Clarkson’s hit, Since You Been Gone. She did a great job, and had the audience clapping along as she performed. She rocked the place out!

LL Cool J asked Pep, er, Pepa, how she liked it. She said that “I really liked it.” For her first song, Pepa sang Katy Perry’s hit song, Firework. Pepa’s performance also electrified the audience, and they clapped along as she lip synced.

“Wow!” I gotta ask you — Katy Perry?”

Pepa said “I can’t really sing! I can only lip sync!”

LL Cool J asked Salt how Pepa did, and she answered “She did well — she was gorgeous!”

LL Cool J asked Chrissy who she thought had won the first round. Chrissy mentioned Salt, but she was kind of hesitant about her answer.

On the second round of Lip Sync Battle, Salt and Pepa were allowed to get more elaborate, using props, costumes and backup dancers. Backstage, Salt said “You have no idea how hard I’m gonna go! I’m coming for you, girl!” Salt lip synced to the Run D.M.C. song, It’s Tricky. She seemed to have a little difficulty matching her lips to the words of the song, but her performance was energetic.

LL Cool J asked her how it felt singing a Run D.M.C. song. Pepa said “You know, we modeled ourselves after Run D.M.C.” She said that she liked Salt’s performance. Then, the show headed to yet another commercial break.

Lip Sync Battle

When Lip Sync Battle returned, it was time for Pepa to perform her second song of the episode. First, LL Cool J showed scenes of Pepa backstage. She said “Tonight, you’re going down!” She added “I’m coming for you tonight, Salt! It’s on!” The song that Pepa lip synced to was I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. She had on a fake black Afro wig and a shimmering black costume with bell bottom pants legs.

“Oh, baby! What was in your mind when you did that?” L Cool J said.

“This is for all of you survivors out there!” Pepa said.

LL Cool J asked Chrissy what she thought. She said that she got goosebumps with Salt’s performance, but said “there was so much going on” with Pepa’s performance. In other words, she did not really come out as saying that either one had done a better job, preferring to be diplomatic.

After another commercial break, on Lip Sync Battle, host LL Cool J left the decision up to the studio audience as to which one of the duo had won. “Is the winner Pepa? Or, is the winner Salt?” LL Cool J asked the audience. “The Lip Sync Battle Champion is…Pepa!” LL Cool J said. Pepa looked kind of surprised. She held the belt up over her head in triumph, as the Run D.M.C. song, It’s Tricky, played, ending the episode. In the battle of which member of the duo of Salt-N-Pepa could lip sync the best, tonight, Pepa overpowered Salt!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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