‘Lip Sync Battle’: Stephen Merchant vs Malin Akerman [Recap & Review]

Lip Sync Battle

On Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV tonight, actor and comedian Stephen Merchant, star of Hello, Ladies and Life’s Too Short, battled against actress Malin Akerman in another LOL Lip Sync Battle episode. It was a cool, but somewhat raunchy, episode, with both stars pulling out all of the stops to try to win the Championship Belt.

At the start of Lip Sync Battle, host LL Cool J was introduced by his co-host, the lovely Chrissy Teigen, LL Cool J explained the rules. He then introduced the two competitors, Stephen Merchant, the English lip sync champion, and actress Malin Akerman.

LL Cool J said that “Stephen demanded to go first.” That is why he chose Malin to be the first to perform tonight. She lip synced to the Def Leppard song, Pour Some Sugar On Me, as her first number. She even did an uber-high kick. Malin had the audience ROCKING, and she did an impressive job with her first song of the night.   Lip Sync Battle

Stephen said “This is not fair! I didn’t realize we were allowed to used our sex appeal!” He added he thought that it “was a classy show,” and he “did not know they were dealing with Vulgarians!” Merchant lip synced to Hero. He did an AMAZING job, also, with his first song of the Lip Sync Battle episode.

“I’ve been singing to a woman, right?” Merchant asked after the song.

LL Cool J said “Was that not amazing?” and Malin said “Yeah, that was not amazing.” With the first two songs of the four out of the way, Lip Sync Battle went to a commercial break.

After the break, Akerman mentioned that Stephen Merchant kept bragging about “his Flash Dance moves.” She said she was going to “bring him down.” Malin lip synced the song Talk Dirty to Me. She NAILED it! She was dressed up in black leather, and laid her hands on the bodies of a couple of the female back-up dancers.

Chrissy said “She looks like the most adorable American Girl gangster I have ever seen!” Then, Lip Sync Battle went to another commercial break.

Stephen Merchant, one of the co-creators of Lip Sync Battle, dressed in leather chaps for his performance of Dirrty. “Right now, I’m at intensity level 4. By the time I get onto the stage, I’ll be at intensity level 4.5.”

Stephen Merchant just is not wired right, but he electrified the audience with his rather lanky and odd performance. LL Cool J looked like he did not know what to make of it.

When she was asked for her opinion of the performance, Malin said “I like what’s happening in-between the leather chaps.” Stephen went over and sat right on Malin’s lap, as Lip Sync Battle headed to yet another commercial break.

When Lip Sync Battle came back on after the break, it was time to find out the results. LL Cool J asked the audience who they thought had won. “Who’s the winner? Malin Akerman? Or, is the winner Stephen Merchant?” Based on the applause of the audience, LL Cool J said “The winner is…Stephen Merchant!” Merchant put on the Championship Belt and then gyrated his hips to the closing song. It bears repeating — he is just not wired right. He is funny, though….

Written By Douglas Cobb

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