Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal in Puerto Rico

medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legal in Puerto Rico. The bill was signed into law on Monday by Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. Some state that this is an unexpected move after the U.S. possession’s bill failed.

Padilla has announced that the health secretary will determine all the ramifications regarding the roll out of the law. He spoke of a few stipulations about the plan for medical marijuana use, however, smoking marijuana will continue to be illegal.

Health Secretary Ana Rius Armendariz stated the new measure will allow the creation of better medicines that are based from marijuana. Moreover, Rius Armendariz explained that regulations on the sale of medical marijuana will be drawn up by the government.

Some scientific studies were cited by Padilla which showed that marijuana can relieve the symptoms of people suffering from glaucoma, migranes, Alzheimer’s, and many other debilitating diseases that resist traditional medicine. Although this plan has had protesting lawmakers in Puerto Rico’s legislature, Padilla will circumvent the legislature for a 16 percent value-added tax.

By Alex Lemieux


France 24

Photo by Brett Levin – Creativecommons Flickr License



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