Microsoft Corporation and Lenovo Are Now Partners for a Smarter Cortana

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation and Lenovo have announced that they are now partners, working for a smarter and more awesome Cortana on Lenovo devices. Cortana on Lenovo will be enhanced with an amazing array of features to make it more helpful. The assistant will learn the user’s world and deliver more helpful functionality, even if user content is in the cloud or in a different Windows 10 device.

Lenovo announced the collaboration at the Lenovo Tech World in Beijing, China, as a way to change how consumers locate their files and deliver them in a more personalized way. It demonstrated the technology to thousands of people who attended the keynote address. Lenovo’s REACHit has Cortana to broaden its search capabilities across devices that run Windows 10 and cloud services. This search feature gives users the most seamless and comprehensive way to locate digital content.

Cortana and REACHit will extend the sources that have the file. Cortana is the Windows counterpart of Apple’s Siri, and is used in Windows 10 smartphones, tablets and PCs, and lets users talk or type to do things. With a distinctive Lenovo ID, the two could search for files, emails, photos and videos across the user’s own cloud storage accounts and their connected Lenovo machines running Windows 10. The user need not be on his laptop to access it, as it can be done with a Lenovo ThinkPad 10 tablet.

Likewise, the user need not remember the file name, only where it is being stored. He can retrieve it by requesting of the digital assistant, “Cortana, find the photo I edited two weeks ago on my ThinkPad X1 Carbon,” or “Cortana, find the file I was working on at the coffee shop yesterday.” With the absence of REACHit, Cortana can only search from the device currently used, but with REACHit and Cortana, even services outside of Windows, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive will be covered in the search. REACHit makes Cortana a more intelligent application.

In this tech age, people have amassed a wealth of personal digital content, making it a hard task to remember where the information has been saved, said Lenovo’s VP of Ecosystem and Cloud Services, Mark Cohen. Consumers need an assistant who is always there to help. Cortana and REACHit come in as friends to help users find their files among massive content.

Microsoft Corporation and Lenovo are now partners for a smarter Cortana, which will offer a much-needed solution that seeks to assist customers in increasing their productivity across their services and devices, according to VP Peter Han of Microsoft Corporation’s Worldwide OEM Marketing. The tandem had teams from both sides holding design sessions, coding marathons lasting well into the night and advanced discussions of hardware to come up with Cortana and REACHit.

The Microsoft Corporation-Lenovo collaboration will benefit those who own Lenovo’s products. When one uses both Windows 10-run Lenovo laptops and tablets, he can request Cortana through the tablet computer to locate a file on the laptop, if both are connected to the Web.

The partnership is another fruit of Microsoft Corporation’s effort to make its products ubiquitous. The tech and software titan announced on Tuesday that 20 new partners which would pack its productivity apps into their Android devices. Microsoft Corporation’s Corporate VP of the Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Nick Parker, posted on the official Microsoft blog a list of new partners from different countries worldwide – Wortmann (Germany), Sony (Global), Prestigio (EMEA or Europe, Middle East), Positivo (Brazil), Philco (Argentina), Pacific Vulcan (Mexico), Noblex (Argentina), Multilaser (Brazil), Teclast (China), Iview (Latin America and United States), Ionik GBMH (Germany), Inco (Mexico), Haier (China), TMAX Digital (North America), Grupo Nucleo (Argentina), LG (Global), General Procurement (United States), DL (Brazil), Cube (China) and Axdia International GMBH (Germany).

Microsoft Corporation and Lenovo are now partners for a smarter Cortana, which will help consumers to become more productive. Cortana and REACHit will be usable in beta when Windows 10 comes out in the summer, and will be generally downloadable in the fall.

By Judith Aparri

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