Middle School Student Arrested After Two Bomb Threats


A middle school student in Murfreesboro, Tennessee has been arrested after uttering bomb threats at her educational establishment, which is Christiana Middle School. The girl reportedly made not only one, but two threats to establishment, according to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

The girl ended up being charged with making a false statement surrounding the non-existent danger, and was taken into custody. She was released shortly after, and subsequently placed under house arrest. The first threat is said to have been found in the girl’s toilets on Thursday (May 7), and the second on Friday (May 8). The house arrest was orchestrated on Monday, May 11.

Following the fake bomb threats and the legal consequences that ensued as a result, both school principal Bob Horne and resource officer Jameson Hurst spoke to the girl in question about the incident. The results of this inquiry have not been revealed, and the girls name and age are naturally being kept undisclosed as a means for protection, given the fact that she is a minor.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Brent Moore – Creativecommons Flickr License