NASA Data Reveals Polar Ice Caps Are Not Melting at a Higher Rate

NASAIf a person was born in the past 30 years, then they know that global warming and threats of the polar ice caps melting have been a hot topic. Spawning many debates, apocalyptic movies, programs to cut back on fossil fuel emissions, environmentalist fund raisers, ‘save the polar bears’ activists, and even some interesting commentary from liberal and right- winged republicans, the topic of the polar ice caps melting have been nothing more than a focal point for a change in people’s everyday lives when it comes to energy consumption. Well, it seems, that the arguments have been carried out under unreliable information. According to a recent study performed by NASA, the polar ice caps have not been retreating or melting since 1979.

Finally updating their data from readings that are almost 40 years old, NASA recently discovered that the ice caps have not gone through a serious change over the past few decades. The polar caps have actually remained at the same average level, give or take, from when the data was first collected. The information collected in 1979 was actually the end result of a 30-year cooling period in the arctic’s readings, thus making the average substantially higher. From those figures, environmentalists and activists claimed that the ice level was down ten percent by 2012 and would continue to decrease to catastrophic global disaster.

With the facts and baseline measurements unchecked and not re-calibrated, it did not take long for people to react. Several environmental groups called for the decrease in need of fossil fuels, the need for relief for the dwindling polar bear population, and for people to consider the state of the Earth under these conditions. Hollywood even jumped on the bandwagon to make an easy dollar off the world’s fears and bring attention to the arctic dilemma with movies like an Inconvenient Truth, The Day After Tomorrow, Chasing Ice, and many others. Politicians, such as Al Gore, even stepped in to urge proper funding and consideration to prevent a future epidemic by using the ten percent readings originally collected. Sadly, some alarmists may have cried wolf on this situation.

Definitely a jolt to environmentalists’ ego. NASA’s recent recalibration claims that the ice caps have receded only by a modest amount, not anywhere close to the ten percent originally reported. According to their studies, the ice caps actually came back in 2012 and bypassed the original 1979 readings. The ice caps actually increased to over five percent above the newly collected informations’ baseline, thus proving that their is no imminent threat within this generation’s lifetime.

Though this is not the first time that the general population has been misled by hasty scientific information, NASA’s latest data proves that the threat of sea levels rising and world disaster approaching have been greatly sensationalized. So much so, that California Rep. and senior member of the House Science, Space, and Technology committee Dana Rohrabacher is proposing an investigation into NASA’s tampering of data to show an increase in global warming trends. Well-known science blogger Stephen Goddard has also been a long-time critic of NASA’s and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) measurements.

It would seem that mainly republicans and some science bloggers dispute previous claims that the ice caps are changing, the proof of the fluctuations in seasonal temperature are undeniable. Though some scientists have been claiming for decades that the world is doomed because of green house gases, the progression to rely less on fossil fuels and more sustainable, reliable energy is a step in the right direction. NASA’s latest data refutes claims that the polar ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate and gives humanity more time to help alleviate the mistakes of mankind’s past and focus on a better tomorrow for humanity.

By Tyler Cole


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