NBA Playoffs, Cav’s Take a Strong Hold on the Lead

NBA Playoffs

NBA playoffs have the Cav’s taking a strong hold on the Hawks, at Philips arena going up two games with Atlanta looking for its first win in the Eastern conference finals. The Hawks could not score more than 89 points, in either of the first two games. J.R. Smith had a career high game, scoring 28 points. In game two, Lebron James was the man to watch, scoring 30 of the 94 points for the Cavaliers. James said in a post game interview, that he continually tries to be the triple threat on the court. The Hawks must find their game face as they prepare to go to Cleveland for game three of the NBA playoffs.

The Cavaliers dominated the court for the last two games, but will the Hawks come back or is the fat lady going to sing? DeMarre Carroll went out in the first game of the NBA Playoffs with a knee injury. He was ready to play in game two with a sprained knee. His knee may have been bothering him a little, but he will need to be fully focused for game three Sunday night.

By the end of the second quarter, in game two, the Cav’s were tightening their hold on Atlanta for the lead, 54-49 in the NBA Playoffs. James added 17 points in the second, Atlanta Kyle Korver was good for 12 points, and Jeff Teague put up 10. The Cavaliers were able to work together to get it done. In game three, everyone will see just how well the Hawks will play in Cleveland. It is more than likely that both James and Carroll will be starting game three.

Carroll had an informal practice on the court to see if his knee was strong enough to play Friday night. An hour before game time, he had another practice to make sure he was alright to start. No press were allowed in. Carroll had been hurt in game one, and it was unsure if he would be able to play in game two. The MRI showed nothing was broken, but he has a sprained knee, and had bruised the bone. When Carroll injured his knee in game one, he could not walk on it. The fear of Carroll being out for the rest of the post-season was very real, because Carroll adds so much more than his height to the team. His love of the game and his respect for his teammates inspires everyone to do their best, and play hard.

The NBA playoffs left the Hawks into a hole, with the Cavaliers throwing dirt on them. With James in better condition than Carroll, it does not look goof for the Hawks. They will have to bring it together, and play as a team, the way they played all year. Carroll is the right size and height to go up against James, and he defended him on 16 of his total points. The NBA Playoff game three is on Sunday, where Atlanta must re-group, and remember what they fought so hard for all year.

The Hawks fans have not deserted their team; the number one team in the league this year. However they did not get that title by letting teams like the Cav’s get such a strong hold on them, in the NBA playoffs. If the Hawks can pull it out and beat Cleveland on their home turf, then they will be right back in it. The Hawks have not won an NBA championship in many years. They need to bring their focus back, and remember the teamwork that got them to the playoffs. Their win and loss record is better than the Cavaliers, so they may be down, but they are definitely not out.

Written by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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Photo courtesy of Moondog Mascot’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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