North Korea Brags About Submarine Ballistic Missile Successful Test-Run

North Korea

North Korea is bragging about its recent test-run of their ballistic submarine missile results, according to sources. The test-run places the North Korean military progress in high rankings, since the new missile constitutes a threat towards Japan, United States, and South Korea.

The missile was fired from the submarine earlier in the week, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un¬†watched the ballistic missile surface the sea and rise into the air leaving a blazing trail of smoke, after the submarine dove beneath the sea. KCNA reported the ballistic launch test was confirmed and verified from a carefully designed submarine, which obtained the latest technical and scientific requirements for the military. However, North Korea is under the United Nations (UN) punishment, and was banned for using or developing missile technology.

The U.S., Japan, and South Korea, have tried to restrain the countries growing missile strength of nuclear according to military experts. When the U.S. was questioned about North Korea bragging about the successful submarine ballistic missile test-run, they had no comment about the test. However, they told sources (according to the UN Security Council) launching and using ballistic missile technology is against protocol. An email sent by a State Department official stated that North Korea has been called upon to abstain from any actions that will cause tensions to rise within the region, and should focus on fulfilling their steps towards international obligations and commitments.

Seoul experts have stated they are¬†attempting to negotiate talks between the officials of the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea to commit to their agreement of denuclearization. The experts told sources the North’s military is establishing hostile attempts to take the countries concessions. The North has stated they are firing at any of the South’s naval vessels without warning because they have been violating the Korean Peninsula’s water off the west coast. Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, held an emergency meeting to discuss the threats and come up with various ways to make amends with the North to prevent them from firing against their vessels.

A university Professor from Seoul, of North Korean studies, stated the North is rising tensions amongst the countries because they want to be the cause of the future talks shared between North Korea, U.S., and South Korea. Previously South Korea have stated the North was working on ballistic missile technologies from under water, but they were using land to create it. However, the North’s advance military skills gave them the ability to make the ballistic missiles under water, and it is now hard to detect when a missile is launched. South officials also stated they believe the North is now working on making smaller nuclear warheads to place on the missiles.

The timing and location of the ballistic testing has not been reported, but North Korea’s news agency KCNA reported the northern leader Un said that the missile launching test was an eye-opening success, and world-level strategic weapon. Un also said his country now posses a weapon that can destroy any land that disobeys his country’s power and pride.

The verified tests means the country can now move missiles within the U.S. range. Victor Cha Cha, Korean analyst, Center for International and Strategic Studies, located in Washington, stated these tests show North Korea has advancing capabilities without control, although nonproliferation penalties have been petitioned by the UN. Experts say the submarines are old, and will not do much harm because they believe they are from the Soviet Navy’s decamped Golf-class ballistic missiles, which were made in the early 90’s.

North Korea bragging about their successful test run of their ballistic missile submarine has caused many tensions to rise amongst the various countries. The countries are in the process to set up meetings with North Korea to prevent future threats.

By Krystle Mitchell




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Photo By Dave Jenjins, UK Ministry Defense – Creativecommons Flickr License

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  1. james   May 10, 2015 at 11:13 pm

    I dought very much that their submarine could stand up against any of ours.,I think that they have the right as much as we do to protect their country.If they start a feud with their South Korean allies,I just Hope we keep our nose out of their business.we don’t need another country to fight against especially of Asian decent! If they are trying to start something with Japan or South Korea.That would not turn out well!

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