Revenge the ABC Drama Comes to an End


Revenge has been a suspense thriller from the series debut on September 21, 2011, with its depiction of beauty, wealth, and power. The series stars Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe as the lead actresses.  It started out with a mysterious, wealthy young woman who came to the Hamptons and rented out the beach house next door to the Grayson family, one of the most powerful families in town. This mystery woman disguised herself as Emily, but her real name is Amanda Clarke, the daughter of a man who was framed for treason when she was still a young girl. Her father, David Clarke was wrongfully accused, sent to prison for life and murdered while in prison. Emily, aka, Amanda came to town to get revenge on the Graysons. Season four will be the final season for the ABC drama.

Recently, ABC has announced that the network has decided to end the successful show, with the last episode and season finale airing on May 10, 2015. Fans of the show mark that date on the calendar, as it will be an amazing ending to a great suspense thriller. So much energy has been built for the last three seasons, with so many questions still unanswered, and all of that will finally come to an end in May. According to VanCamp, who plays Emily/Amanda, this is a good ending for the show. The show started out with a reason for revenge and it will be accomplished in the end. There is nowhere else to go.

As the character on the show who was seeking the revenge, Emily/Amanda got to show the audience her dark side, caused by the trauma and bitterness of having her father taken away from her at a young age, especially a father to whom she was close. Emily/Amanda takes the audience through four seasons of coming up with different schemes to take the Grayson family down. She is creative in her ways to seek retribution, but in the end, it all comes down to the last episode. The audience will see some exciting things happen and some great final performances. The people who deserve the revenge might finally get what is coming to them. The name of the show, Revenge, sets the whole premise for the show. Revenge is coming to an end next Sunday

The series has managed to maintain a deep level of darkness, and twists in such a way that the audience never knows what to expect, while more creative story lines kept developing from the deep need for retribution. For four seasons, the audience has watched Emily/Amanda and Victoria play cat and mouse, not knowing who would catch who first? The audience will soon find out how this intriguing story will end. There are some exciting scenes coming and some fans will be happy, some will be shocked and some will have no words, but it will be exciting to watch.

Sunday, May 10, will be an exciting night for Revenge fans. It will give fans closure and allow them to say goodbye to the characters they love, the characters they hate and the characters they enjoyed watching for four seasons. In the final season, some important questions will be answered. Will Emily get her final revenge? What will happen to Grayson, Victoria, and Daniel? Fans of Revenge should get answers as the fourth and final season ends.

By Elina Brik

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