Robinson Shooting Has a Predictable Verdict


In a story that is becoming too ubiquitous in America, a white police officer has literally gotten away with murder again. Recently, we have been flooded with reports of police brutality and they keep on coming. Police Officer Matt Kenny responded to an emergency call about a battery incident on Friday, March 6. Upon arriving at the scene of the crime, Kenny witnessed an aggravated Anthony Robinson and, fearing for his own life, shot Mr. Robinson, who later died in hospital.

In an unbelievable case of deja vu, the same old story has played out on the theatrical stage again. An unarmed African-American was shot by a  police officer. The verdict delivered today has exonerated Matt Kenny of any wrongdoing. To rub salt in this explosive wound, he received a commendation, according to the police chief.

This verdict is sure to ignite the police brutality debate. Should the police be more accountable for their actions? How can society deal with this current racial issue?

By Craig Daly


The New York Times