‘Rock for the Children’ Campaign for Better Fostering [Review]

Rock for the Children
An international network of celebrities, music industry heavy-hitters and child fostering charities have recently come together to create a charity juggernaut to fund the worthy cause of helping displaced children. The Fostering Network currently operates mostly in England and Scotland, but the hope is that with the Rock for the Children, this unique fostering project will be able to expand to help children the world over.

The Rock for the Children collaboration most importantly includes the very unique charity, The Fostering Network, which aims to place foster children in well-trained homes with foster parents who are trained to deal with foster kids’ unique needs and challenges. The Fostering Network helps up to 63,000 children daily with placement, counseling and other resources. Their aim is to help not only with providing foster homes but with improving the conditions in those homes. By providing support to both foster parents and foster kids, the system in the UK has seen a much greater success rate in recent years for children growing up to be healthy and productive members of society.

By conscripting celebrities and rock musicians to further The Fostering Network’s cause, PR firm Independent Music Promotions (I.M.P) and Seven13 Music intend first to educate the public on the growing issue of the ineffectual fostering system in the western world. Being entertainment companies, these two firms have the resources to drive this message home in the form of great rock acts and celebrities who wish to help. With the goal of extending the reach of The Fostering Network’s amazing work, I.M.P. and Seven13 have teamed up with television host Jerry Springer and Swedish metal band We Are the Catalyst to create the first single for the Rock for the Children project.Rock for the Children

We Are the Catalyst formed in 2012 and are a different take on Swedish metal. Featuring a sweet-voiced frontwoman paired with heavy guitars and drums, the band appeals to pop and metal audiences alike. They have taken their sound to a slightly more emotional place for Rock for the Children, choosing to cover the uplifting Swedish House Mafia song Don’t You Worry Child. By infusing metal into this largely electro pop song, We Are the Catalyst have actually improved it while also offering a message of hope to foster children and promoting this wonderful cause.

The most striking part of the first single for Rock for the Children is undoubtedly the accompanying video. A stark reminder of the kind of difficulties foster children face every day, the video for We Are the Catalyst’s Don’t You Worry Child tells a raw and unblinking story of abuse, families being torn apart and the emotional struggles of the casualties of these situations: the children. The video ends on a positive note but pulls no punches and the viewer comes away with the sense that this is the best possible scenario for foster children and it cannot be achieved without help. The Fostering Network and their sponsors have created Rock for the Children to get and continue that help for more and more children all over the world.

Many other celebrities and bands have signed on to continue to grow support for Rock for the Children and more downloadable singles are forthcoming. All proceeds from the sale of the Don’t You Worry Child cover go directly to funding programs for foster children and growing The Fostering Network’s reach. Fans can visit the Rock for the Children website to purchase the single on a number of formats, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play. See below in sources for details and help to bring awareness and help to the plight of foster children.

Review by Layla Klamt

Rockforthechildren.com: “Download our first Single”
The Fostering Network: “What We Do”

Photos provided by Independent Music Promotions

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