‘Supernatural’ Season 10 Finale Builder Episode 21 [Spoilers]


Supernatural season 10’s season finale is May 13 at 8pm on the CW. Viewers should note the different time slot.

Episode 21, titled Dark Dynasty, airs May 6 at 9pm on the CWSam will go behind Dean’s back and attempt to find a cure for his brother. The Winchesters will meet up with the Stynes once again and while Dean and Sam investigate a suspicious murder, they discover that the killer has the exact tattoo as the family of Styne. Eldon Styne attacks Dean in a brutal fight, but in the meantime, Castiel referees Rowena and Charlie, who are required to team up to work on on the Book of the Damned. Crowley will learn that his mother is missing, and knows that she is up to something, so he will turn to an old foe for help.

Charlie will help the Winchesters again, and she is not happy about going behind Dean’s back to work with Sam. Sam tells Charlie that they have to lie to Dean, because Castiel says this type of ordeal, never ends well. Dean will discover Sam’s secret plan, and that he did not destroy the cursed book. This will not go over well with Dean.

Charlie has the Book of the Damned, and then the promo pans to Charlie holding a knife. In the meantime, the promo shows Castiel, Rowena, the witch and Charlie working together to find a cure for Dean in the Book of the Damned, in desperation. Misha Collins said that all the characters are looking into desperate schemes and that no one is giving up until a resolution for Dean is found. The finale is building up to finding a cure for Dean.


The team’s mantra becomes, “Come hell or high water.” Normally, the characters make deals with the devil through immense sacrifices made to rescue Dean. The sacrifices and schemes to save Dean will start in the May 6 episode of Supernatural at 9pm on the CW. This episode will have a fight between Dean and Sam, and a cliffhanger ending. Episodes 20-22 leaves fans wondering if Dean will go on another rampage. Fans can watch episode 20 online if they missed it, or want to be refreshed for tonight’s episode 21. Castiel will ask for Sam and Dean to help him in Angel Heart. In the season 10 finale, Death returns and Castiel will make a great sacrifice…..to cure Dean?

Preview pictures of Supernatural, episode 21, show Dean and Sam having a serious conversation. It is possible that Sam reveals his plan of The Book of the Damned to Dean or that Dean has discovered Sam did not destroy The Book of the Damned. If not, the group is seriously focused on this week’s case. Another promo video that was released by the CW, shows the Stynes chasing Charlie in order to get the Book of the Damned.

Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean in Supernatural, claims that after 10 seasons the show’s finales can be put into two categories: The brothers are fighting evil together, or one brother has something evil in him, and the other brother is fighting to save his life. Ackles prefers to fight common evil.

SupernaturalSeason 10 of Supernatural is the first time Dean has been in this position, to fight evil within, while Sam is trying to save his life. Supernatural fans get to see a new side of Dean, his inner struggle and torment, that Dean cannot control. This is an unusual aspect for Dean, as he always seems to have a handle on the situation.

Fans also know that Supernatural’s inner struggle finales come with guaranteed Winchester tears. Ackles has already stated that Dean’s fears will come true in season 10, but it will be Sam who sheds the most tears in the season finale, May 13 at 8pm on the CW. Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam, says that he believes season 10 will “out-tear” him. That makes Ackles very happy. Fans, however, should keep in mind that the last time Ackles said something similar, Dean died and became a demon.

Supernatural, episode 22 will be season 10’s finale. It will air May 13 at 8pm on the CW. Please take note of the different time slot. The May 6 episode 21, will still be at 9pm on the CW.

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