Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Feud- Is It Over or Getting Nastier?


Taylor Swift and Katy Perry used to be the best of friends, but in 2012 that all changed. Page Six stated that the feud began over John Mayer. The Bad Blood had dated Mayer in 2010 and after he dumped her she wrote the song Dear John in retaliation. Reports stated that Mayer was humiliated by the song and after he began dating Perry in 2012, she began making nasty comments about the singer.

The feud did indeed intensify when Perry started dating Mayer, who was Swift’s ex, but the feud began earlier when Perry supposedly stole the singer’s backup dancers for her own tour. The singer then reportedly made comments about how she was never sure if she and Perry were friends or not. She made mention of how Perry would give her weird looks and make comments that left her wondering if they were friends or enemies. The two, who at one point were described and nearly inseparable, seemed to be bitter enemies after Mayer came into the picture. The situation with their tours and the singer stating that Perry stole from her and tried to sabotage things for her was really the turning point. Swift

The Inquisitr stated some people are of the belief that the entertainer was attempting to diss Perry in her video for the song Bad Blood. A character in the video, played by Selena Gomez, is said to look a lot like Perry especially with the black bob haircut she sports. Perry’s best friend, DJ Skeet Skeet, has been slamming the Bad Blood singer and calling her a bad feminist. He has felt the need to come to his friend’s defense and call Swift out on her poor behavior, the article went on. He added that she was only using her video and the women in it to attack Perry and that is wrong. The article added that Swift seems to be the one wanting to keep the feud going and it continues to get nastier because of her efforts.
Perry, on the other hand, seems to be trying to stay out of the situation. She has mentioned that she does not care what is going on with the singer, she is only concerned about her own career. She did say that in an act of desperation, Swift tried way too hard with this video. She added that she is not worried about the singer or any jabs that may have been made about her in the video. She is trying to move past the whole situation.
Swift has stated that two are enemies and probably always will be but insists that it is not over a guy. She maintains that the feud is over business. She said that Perry was too competitive and her attempts to ruin the singer’s Red tour led to the rift between them. Despite the fact that it seems as if the feud started over Mayer, Swift denies that claim and continues to say that business issues were the cause. It is a shame that these two ruined a friendship over a guy and let business come between them. One really has to wonder how things would have been different had Swift just kept her mouth shut. The bitter comments made by the two, especially Swift, have only made the situation worse.
The singer is known for having many friends including Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Jamie King, and many more. She and Perry seemed like they were the best of friends at one point until business issues and John Mayer pitted them against one another. At times it has seemed as if things were finally settling between the two and many had wondered if the feud was over. The release of the Bad Blood video has only added fuel to the fire and will keep the Feud between Swift and Perry going at least for the time being. It is far from over and seems to be getting nastier as the years go on.
By Heather Granruth
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