The Bachelorette Causing Drama All Around!

The Bachelorette

This season of The Bachelorette has drama all around, from the MC of emotionality herself, Kaitlyn Bristowe, to her band of merry men. The shy and quiet Brit was voted off for being an out going, fun party girl, but she may be the one to find true love after all. When Brady Toop pulled Bristowe  aside and wanted to talk privately, the other guys who thought he was trying to pull a fast one were not pleased. Troop fell for Nilsson hard, and wanted a chance to pursue a relationship with her. Of course Jared getting knocked out and winding up in the hospital was disappointing, but Bristowe’s attraction to a few of the guys is playing with their minds.

After the episode aired that showed Troop surprising Nilsson at her hotel room, the couple can finally come out in the open and admit that they are still together and happy. That is right, it has been just over two months since the first episode of The Bachelorette of 2015 was shown to the public, and they are still together.

While some of the guys went on a fun group day with Bristowe, it had to end in disaster for one of her suitors. The group went on an outing to a boxing ring, and received training from the daughter of the late great champ, Mohammad Ali; Laila. It seems that Ben Z. got a little carried away with his right hook and sent Jared to the mat, flat on his back. Rough housing on The Bachelorette made it so Jared had to go to the hospital to be checked by a doctor.

The  show was a little more entertaining when Bristowe fell into everyone’s arms, kissing them one by one. However on the coming attractions, the drama keeps going around on The Bachelorette. Some of the guys seemed surprised that Bristowe would fall into bed with one of them. Well she did make out with most of them, and made sexual noises, so it should not have surprised any of them. Perhaps he male contestants were just mad it was not one of them entangled in the sheets with her.

Nilsson may have been knocked off The Bachelorette, but she is stealing the show from her former opponent. The couple is being nicknamed Britty by the media, and are wondering if the show has better episodes on Bristowe, because all interest is on Britty. Troop seemed to be the star of the premier episode, instead of Kaitlyn.

The Bachelorette has twists and turns, and plenty of drama all around. This years season looks to be an entertaining one for the audience. People who do not normally watch the show should find a reason to watch it this year, especially if for no other reason than to see how hard Troop and Nilsson will fall for each other.

The couple has posted selfies of each other smiling on instagram. The images also show them being playful, and enjoying some beautiful scenery. While Bristowe is having a hard time picking just one guy, Nilsson has been content with the one that picked her.

This season is a must see of The Bachelorette, the producers promised drama, and they delivered as there is drama all around.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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