The Mysteries of Laura’s First Season Finale

The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura had its first season finale last night, and is a comedy on NBC in an eight o’ clock eastern standard time slot, the show stars Debra Messing, and Josh Lucas. Messing plays Laura Diamond, a homicide police detective in New York city, who is raising twin boys that are very high-spirited. She works for her ex husband Jake Broderick, played by Lucas, who never seems to find the time to sign the divorce papers. The two manage to have a professional relationship despite their personal problems, but in the this first season finale, Broderick walks in to a small, mom and pop store to buy cupcakes, when a masked gunman attempts a robbery. While Jake attempts to apprehend the robber, an innocent woman walks in, and screams at the sight of the masked man, Broderick pushes her out-of-the-way, and before he could get his gun on the robber, he was shot in the chest, just missing his heart. Now The Mysteries of Laura are personal.

While Broderick is in surgery, she finds it hard to just sit, and wait, so Diamond throws herself in to the case, and is determined to find the perpetrator. Diamond is a very bright, mother, and woman. Her partner Billy, played by Laz Alfonso, who is also her friend, helps her balance her work, and home life. When investigating she learns it was not a typical hold up, but a warning to the cashier. The Mysteries of Laura is not an average, predictable tv sitcom, and has the suspense, and excitement that makes the show a hit, and last nights season finale was true to form. Diamond was able to get the cashiers girlfriend to admit wrong doing on his part, he was an engineering prodigy, who was hired to make a 3-D printed plastic gun that would not be detected by the courthouse x-ray machine. The masked man hired him, so he could sell the gun to a woman who lost her teenage daughter, because a mobster raped, and murdered her, and she wanted her revenge when he was in court.

Another file closed for the cases of the Mysteries of Laura, but this time Diamond had to confront her true feelings about her ex, when he was brought out of a medically induced coma, and blurted out he wanted her back. Now she must figure out the personal Mysteries of Laura, and  see if her feelings for him are as deep as they once were, but things got even more complicated when it was discovered, the bump he suffered from on that back of his head, when he hit the floor gave him neurological damage, and he can not recall the conversation he had with her shortly after they spoke about it. Now we must wait until next season to find out if she will stay with her all too perfect boyfriend, Tony Abbot, played by Neal Bledsoe, or will she go back to Broderick?

The Mysteries of Laura have combined the business, and personal life of the police detective, and the comical awkwardness of keeping them balanced. Even though she gets along with her ex, he is not always very cooperative.

The first season finale of The Mysteries of Laura, had a surprise element, and the mystery that the show is known for, with a twist in Diamonds relationship with Broderick. The episode ended on a good note, with a question that makes viewers want to tune in next season, to find out what happens between the two detectives. Although it is always challenging for a show to keep up the momentum on the return season, The Mysteries of Laura seems to have the right mix of chemistry, and enthusiasm among the cast members.

Written by Katherine Miller-Chichester

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