‘The Voice’: Semifinal Round Top Five Perform [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice tonight, the Top Five competitors left performed two songs each during the Semifinals Round. The remaining five hopeful musical artists are counting on their performances to earn them a spot in the Final Round, but tomorrow, based on the votes of viewers across America, two of them will be eliminated. Pharrell Williams was the only coach who had two members of his team still left at the start of the episode, while the other coaches just had one, each.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the coaches and did a recap of last week’s episode. Then, he introduced the first musical guest of the evening, Nate Ruess, who sang Nothing Without Love. He had the audience really into his performance, clapping and cheering as he sang. As he concluded singing the song, The Voice went to a commercial break.

The first performer to sing on The Voice was Joshua Davis from Team Adam. The song he sang was I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt, which Adam had chosen him as his Coach Pick to perform. It was a fairly mellow song, and Joshua played his guitar as he sang.

Blake said “That’s the thing that I love about your voice the most — the softer side of you.”

Christina said “I definitely liked it. It was super-lovely.”

Pharrell told him “It felt good because it was your own rendition.”

Adam said to his team member “I’m so proud of you; you did an incredible job.”

After another break, Carson Daly introduced the next performer to sing on The Voice, from Team Pharrell, Koryn Hawthorne. She sang the intense and powerful U2 song, One. Koryn gave an AMAZING performance, more stripped-down than U2’s.

Adam said “That song has had such an amazing, long, cool life. You did a fantastic job!”

Christina said “I really love you, Koryn! Being on Pharrell’s team has really helped you blossom. I’m so proud of you!”

Pharrell told her “I think I, personally, have learned way more from you. For me, you’ve already won this thing. Please, America, vote for this young lady!”

Following more commercials, Carson Daly introduced the third musical artist to sing on The Voice, Meghan Linsey. Meghan sang the Coach’s Pick song Blake chose for her, the Sam Smith hit, I’m Not The Only One, and she NAILED it! She really did the song justice, but she also put her own spin on it, especially towards the end.

Pharrell told her “That was a great performance! You just reminded everyone there are so many other genres that live in Nashville.”

Blake said “Every time that you perform is almost a guarantee that you will do great. I’m so glad to be able to work with you as a coach.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, said that India Carney from Team Christina would be singing next, right after another commercial break. India is Christina’s last remaining artist.

After the break on The Voice, India Carney sang Gravity, Christina’s Coach’s Pick for her. It was a great song choice for her, showcasing her wide vocal range and power.

Blake said “I can’t say enough about how powerful that performance was. I’m going to be shocked if you’re not in the finale of this thing.”

Christina told her “You consistently have this control. You’re a smart singer. I loved your tenderness in this particular song. Beautiful!”

From Team Pharrell, Sawyer Fredericks sang For What it’s Worth. It was a perfect song choice for him, and he hit a home run with his performance. His performance was one of the highlights of the show, so far.

Adam told Sawyer “Every time I think I’ve run out of things to say about you, Sawyer, I find more to say. It’s hard to do that song justice, and man, you did it justice.”

With all five of the musical artists left on The Voice having sung their first songs, following more commercials, it was time for the second round to start. Carson Daly said that Joshua Davis would be singing first. He sang When I Paint My Masterpiece for his special dedication to “home.”

Joshua played his guitar as he sang. He gave a rousing performance, and the studio audience clapped along as Joshua sang. He did a great job, and OWNED this song.

Blake told Joshua “I didn’t know that song. Every time you do these songs that I don’t know, I’m glad. It’s clear that you’re a writer, man.”

Christina said “It was super-fun to watch. Really awesome — great job.”

Adam said “That’s by The Band.” He called Blake “an idiot.”

Next on The Voice when it came back from a break was Koryn Hawthorne. She had a homecoming, like Joshua did, and Kelly Clarkson wished her “Good luck” via video. The town threw a parade in Koryn’s honor.

For her special dedication to home, Koryn sang Oh Mary Don’t You Weep. Koryn upped the competition up a couple of notches with her amazing performance and soaring vocals. Pharrell stood up as she was singing, really getting into her stunning performance.

Adam said “From where you started to where you are now, never before have I seen such a drastic, incredible, unbelievable journey.’

Christina said “Here’s to your hometown for supporting you the way that they do. I’m such a fan, Koryn — you’re awesome!”

Pharrell said “After seeing that performance, impossible is just a word. Anything is possible when you put God first.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced Meghan Linsey, once again. She had a homecoming in Nashville. Naomi Judd was there, and she said “I’m here to support the fourth Judd — Meghan!” Naomi said she has “known Meghan for six years.” Meghan performed to a packed house at the Wild Horse bar.

Then, on The Voice, Meghan sang her special dedication to Nashville, Tennessee Whiskey. As Meghan sang, it looked like there was fire behind her on the stage. The audience swayed their arms in the air.

Christina told her “Meghan, that was awesome! You’re a showstopper; you can do it all!”

Pharrell said “You were right; you proved everybody wrong; congratulations!”

Blake said “That was so special! That is, by far, your most important performance on the show. I can’t wait to see what happens on iTunes!”

Next on The Voice, India Carney had her homecoming, in New York. She was given a UCLA jersey with her name on it. She gave a short concert at the Manhattan School of Music, a place that she said “has a very special place in my heart.” Christina said, via video, that she had a special surprise for India — that she would be singing the National Anthem before a Yankees game.

On The Voice, the song that India dedicated to her hometown was Michael Jackson’s hit, Earth Song.India gave another totally amazing performance, OWNING this cool song by M.J. He would have been proud of her, if he could have heard her sing it.

Pharrell said “It sounded beautiful — congratulations!”

Adam told her “I love watching you perform — it was cool!”

Christina described watching India to reading pages of a storybook. Listening to India was like listening to a story unfold, scene after scene.

Sawyer Fredericks closed out the performances tonight on The Voice. He had his homecoming back at his family’s farm. Then, in the town of Fonda, they held a parade in his honor, and he sang Simple Kind of Man. Sawyer then traveled to Albany to perform at the Palace Theater, to a sold-out audience of 3,000 of his fans.

The song that Sawyer Fredericks sang and dedicated to his hometown was A Thousand Years. It was a super good song choice for him! The audience cheered as he sang, and anytime he walked on the stage close to the audience, the females in that area would cheer for him.

Adam said “That voice can fill any room, any size, anywhere in the world.”

Blake said “That was what I was going to say! Listen, man — you’re clearly the front-runner, there’s no question in anyone’s mind. You’re the real deal.”

Pharrell said “Every time you sing, you share your power with everyone. I think it needs to be awarded with having you go forward to next week.”

While Sawyer Fredericks may be the “front-runner,” as Blake Shelton put it, there were some other amazing performances tonight on The Voice, as well. Each of the five Semi-Finalists have got to this place in the season because they are great singers, and any of them still have the chance to win and be declared this season’s “The Voice” and get a recording contract. Tune in tomorrow night, to see who stays and goes on to the Final Round and who gets eliminated!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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