Tornado Touches Ground Near Oklahoma City


Sirens are wailing in parts of Oklahoma City, as a tornado has now touched the ground. Police and officials at the Weather Channel are urging people to take cover. Pictures shown of the tornado feature it forming over water, but as it moves inland and begins to grow it could cause mass damage to the area.

The weather channel is following the tornado that has touched the ground near Oklahoma City, but not much information has been given about it. So far the Weather Channel has posted that the  is primarily inhabiting Caddo County, southwest of Oklahoma City.

As this time of year is generally the time when tornadoes start to make their way into many different areas, residents are preparing for tornadoes and their damage. However, this tornado seemed to catch many by surprise. The social media site Twitter has helped residents spread the message, and it also helped the Weather Channel get the message out on people’s phone. Cell phone weather alerts have also helped warn people in advance of the storm that has entered Oklahoma City.

The tornado warning posted by the National Weather Service is in effect until 9 pm central this evening. 27 counties are included in the warning, and a tornado watch is also in effect for counties surrounding where the tornado has touched down. Oklahoma residents should take cover and stay safe.

By Crystal Boulware



Note: Tornado depicted above is not the actual tornado that touched down.

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