Watch the Conjoined Twins Separation on YouTube [Video]


Last week media erupted with the news of a successful conjoined twin separation surgery. Babies Carter and Connor Mirabal are now successfully living apart, news that is not new, but the best part, and the one most missed by people who read the news was that people can support Nemours (otherwise known as the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children) by watching the great documentary that they put up on YouTube about the conjoined twins. Though the video featured on YouTube was only the first documentary featuring the life of the boys following surgery (as it was filmed by the hospital before and after surgery), it is one that Nemours is greatly proud of, as it features the successful operations that they are able to do through donations and support (for those who do not have enough insurance). Many prominent doctors were involved in the surgery that successfully separated the conjoined twins, and as they continue to tell their story, many missed the fact that there stories are on YouTube, where mostly everything goes. It is definitely worth taking a look.

Though the recent successful separation of the conjoined twins may not be the most interesting thing to everyone, it is a miracle of a story that these babies survived. The University of Maryland Medical Center shows that the survival rate of conjoined twins is only between five and 25 percent, with males being less likely to live. Not only did Connor and Carter live past their birth and for five months after, they also survived for the surgery and are still thriving one week later. Doctors believe that they could grow up to live long and healthy lives.

As the twins shared many digestive organs, including the liver, specialists were called in to help on the surgery as they needed to figure out just how much of each organ to give to each boy, in order for them to survive and live normal lives. Dr. Stephen Dunn, who had helped in three previous conjoined twin separation surgeries, lent a hand to the staff at Nemours. Dunn was there specifically to help with the twin’s livers, along with a team made up of over a dozen people. According to sources Nemour’s successful separation of the conjoined twins, Carter and Connor, was the first one in Florida.

Nemours is a non-profit organization that works on research and education to better the medical field. Their documentary of the successful separation of conjoined twins may be the first of many successful operations on conjoined twins, in the future. As they often make documentaries about the way they are helping children, it is sure that they will continue to do such. Putting out videos of the great things they do for children across the globe provides incentive for people wanting to donate. As rare identical triplets were just born in Texas, with two of them being conjoined, the surgery at Nemour’s is not the last of its kind. Hopefully more and more surgeries on conjoined twins will began to be successful.

Only through research can children’s health be improved. As many organizations in the world work solely on children, providing for them and their families in a great time of need, it is sure that doctors get closer every day to beating out more childhood disease. Carter and Connor’s story is just another miracle that will hopefully lead to more successful separation surgeries. Readers can view the video below for an uplifting story about two little boys who at first had no chance and now have full, independent, chances for life.

By Crystal Boulware


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