FKA Twigs, Kristen Stewart Feuding Over Robert Pattinson Wedding?


FKA Twigs reportedly warned Kristen Stewart to never talk about Robert Pattinson again in a chilling text message as the couple gear up for their wedding day, or so it has been alleged. The British songstress, whose engagement to the former Twilight actor was confirmed in April, has kept herself in the headlines as of late for her supposed feud with Stewart.

Pattinson and Stewart had dated for four years, prior to calling it quits a year after the Snow White and the Huntsman actress was caught cheating with film director, Rupert Sanders. It broke Pattinson’s heart, so much that despite having tried to forgive his ex-girlfriend, he struggled to find trust in her again and decided to dump her in the end.

During this period, it was heavily reported that the 29-year-old had locked himself away from friends and family, having found it difficult to move on from the woman he once considered the love of his life. Pattinson was also said to have lost a passion for acting following his split from Stewart.

All in all, it would explain why his fiancee has become so overprotective of her soon-to-be husband. The Two Weeks songstress is allegedly bothered by the fact that her fiance’s ex-girlfriend continues to hold interviews where she mentions their past relationship, almost insinuating that she may still be trying to get back with him. Twigs’ wedding to Pattinson is just months away, which is why her alleged feud to Stewart should not end up becoming a problem.

Having witnessed Pattinson at his most vulnerable state during the time he ended his romance to Stewart, Twigs has gotten so defensive, OK! states how the singer got hold of the actress’ number to set her straight. “She sent a message to Kristen to ‘shut the f**k up’ about Robert because she lost the right to speak about him in public ‘the moment she got into that car with Rupert Sanders,” a source for the magazine reveals.

Twigs believes that every time Stewart mentions her ex-boyfriend in an interview, it will open old wounds, and either hurt the other person or rekindle some sort of feelings. Although it is unlikely that Twigs would be insecure in her relationship to Pattinson, who she trusts more than anybody, the 27-year-old cannot warm up to the idea of seeing her fiance disrespected and feeling hurt over a relationship that ended years ago.

Twigs has got the impression that Pattinson’s ex is still holding on to the past, failing to realize that he is now engaged and will soon go on to marry the British vocalist. While her actions may have been over the top, Twigs believes that the message she sent to Stewart’s phone will make the actress realize not to carelessly talk about her past relationship without considering the fact that she may be hurting others with what she is telling the press. Twigs and Stewart’s feud comes just months before Pattinson is said to marry his fiancée at a London property with close friends and family. The wedding is believed to take place this summer.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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