History Channel Presents New Competition Series ‘Forged in Fire’ [Video]

Forged in Fire

On June 22, the History Channel is presenting a brand new competition series called Forged in Fire. This new show will bring together some of the most talented bladesmiths in the world in a contest setting. Within the series, viewers will get a chance to watch as these master bladesmiths recreate some of the most iconic weapons from history, this includes medieval broadswords, Japanese katanas and even ancient throwing blades.

Forged in Fire is hosted by Wil Willis, who is not only a weapons experts, but also a former Army Ranger. Willis is also a decorated para-rescue specialist with the Air Force. The host will also be joined by an expert panel of judges, who will critique and assess the work of each of the contestants. This panel includes David Baker, J. Nielson and Doug Marcaida.

Forged in FireEach of the judges on Forged in Fire brings their expertise, years of experience and their own skill sets to the judging table. Baker is an authority in replicating period-specific and accurate weapons. Based out of California, he has made everything from samurai swords to submachine guns, many of which have been used in films and even museum exhibits. Nielson is a Mastersmith from Pennsylvania. He has more than 20 years of experience crafting edged weapons and knives. Marcaida is a specialist in hand to hand combat out of New York. He has not only studied, but also mastered a number of different fighting techniques and styles from across the globe.

In the new competition series, Forged in Fire, on the History Channel, four master bladesmiths will go head to head crafting and presenting weapons from raw materials. Every episode will see these talented individuals putting not only their skills, but also their reputations on the line. They will be attempting to avoid elimination as they use both the traditional tools of the trade, as well as the more state-of-the-art machinery and tools available to them. These raw materials will be transformed into authentic useable and working pieces based on classic bladed weapons from history.

Each of the gifted craftsmen will take the ordinary, every day metals and transform them into works of art. While each piece is a lethal weapon that can be used in warfare, they are also true masterpieces brought to life before the eyes of the viewers. Throughout the forging process, the histories behind each of the pieces will be told. Then the judges step in and will not only assess all aspects of the weapons, but they will also test each of weapons for use and accuracy.

Forged in FireForged in Fire is being produced for the History Channel by Outpost Entertainment. Simon Thomas, Shawn Witt, Jodi Flynn, David George and Brent Montgomery are the executive producers for the program for Outpost Entertainment. While Steve Ascher and Tim Healy are the executive producers for the program for the History Channel.

Filming and production for the History Channel’s newest competition series, Forged in Fire, has already commenced in Brooklyn, New York. The series itself will premiere on June 22 at 10 PM EST.

By Kimberley Spinney


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