KKK Asks African-Americans to Help Them Get Rid of Illegal Immigrants


The Ku Klux Klan is changing their recruiting tactics. The well-known racist organization, who in the past has shown nothing but disrespect to African-Americans, is now asking for their help in getting rid of what they perceive as the next threat to the American way of life – illegal immigrants.

In trying to remake their well-known reputation of hate and violence to anyone who is not white, the group is changing their recruiting methods. Putting a spin on their message of hate is not new, and they have claimed in the past that they are not really racist, but just misunderstood. They, in their opinion, are only a neighborhood watch group trying to protect the American way of life and are just proud of their white heritage. They have even begun to hand out candy and are purposely targeting random homes in order to appear less racist.

Imperial Klaliff Robert Jones of the Loyal White Knights said that they cannot tell by looking at the homes they target who resides inside. The homeowners could be gay, white, black, or Hispanic and if anyone were to look at a home in that way, they would be racist.

Apparently, all KKK members do not support the group’s outreach to African-Americans to help them rid the U.S of illegal immigrants. Just recently, the KKK allegedly made a threat against a black Clarksdale city commissioner for his comments on Fox News. Buster Moton told FOX13 Memphis that the mayor was trying to put black people back in chains. Following the comment, his wife’s secretary received a phone call threatening to burn Mrs. Moton in her office and to hang her husband with the chains he used to make his point about the mayor. The caller identified himself as a member of the KKK. The incident is still under investigation.

The flyers being left in communities in South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and Orange County, California, read “Save Our Land, Join The Clan.” An 800 number is left for those who are interested to call. A recorded message is heard at the number, which ends with, “Remember: If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.” The flyers and candy were left during what the KKK calls a membership drive, which is something they do about three times a year. This year, some drives were held in Rockcastle County, Colorado,  around Memorial Day. This time, the KKK have included Muslims in their cross hairs along with illegal immigrants.KKK

In New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, flyers were found around town the Sunday before Memorial Day with the same message of protecting America from illegal immigration. The flyers were distributed by a KKK group based out of Maryland. According to Richard Preston, whose number was on the flyer, the reaction to the flyers has been 50 percent positive. The imperial wizard of the Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said that, due to the positive reaction, he would like to hold a rally in New Bloomfield in front of their courthouse.

The Klan’s message on undocumented immigrants may resonate with some people. The Klan believes that the U.S. government needs to do more when it comes to protecting the borders. They believe that American jobs are being outsourced and that both white and black Americans are being forced to compete with illegal immigrants who will work for less. The KKK’s answer to the problem of illegal immigration is to shoot on sight any illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Using studies which suggest that in the last decade, net jobs for native-born Americans have decreased due to a large increase of illegal immigrants who have taken away millions of new jobs, the Klan may be able to play on the fears of white, middle-class Americans to increase membership. With unemployment still high for young black males, will the message be enough to persuade them to join a group that has historically terrorized them? Most think that is highly unlikely and that the KKK is really not trying to recruit blacks to their cause, and that the hate group, who self-identifies as a civil rights group for whites, is just trying to soften its image.

The KKK’s attempt to recruit African-Americans to help get rid of illegal immigrants is laughable, according to Mark Potok, a senior member of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Potok thinks that the KKK is lying and would never work with blacks. He went on to say that the idea that black people are flocking to the KKK  to join up to fight illegal immigration is absurd. In 2013, the KKK met with members of the NAACP, but according to reports, the meeting was awkward and it is not known if anything was even accomplished.

By Jessica Hamel

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