Comic Con 2015 Explodes With ‘Superman v Batman’ Trailer [Video]

Comic Con 2015

Superheroes, fantasy and movie characters alike sent fans into a nerdy, costume wearing rage as Comic Con 2015 took off in San Diego this past weekend. Among many of the shows that fans love to watch and movies that fanatics are on the edge of their ticket buying seats for, Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice seems to be one of the biggest attractions that have comic book lovers in a fence riding uproar. Comic Con 2015 explodes with both excitement and reservation as the Superman v Batman trailer gave viewers a larger sneak peek at what they can expect in theaters next year.

One of the largest controversies of the comic-book-turned-movie world is the portrayal of the characters that readers have fallen so much in love with. Comic Con 2015 is no different as fans gathered to see the special convention trailer of the 2016 film. Although Christopher Reece may not have been the first to ever play the red, gold, and blue hero, he has been, by far, the most loved of the actors that followed. Dean Cain came close as he donned the red cape in the TNT series back in the 90s, however, many fans were split in opinion on Henry Canvill reprising his role as Superman. After such a tumultuous rampage of reviews, many comic fans thought Canvill would be sacked from the role after Man of Steel received such harsh critiques. Understandably, many fans were shocked to see him in the Dawn of Justice trailer.

Another beloved character that has had a many-a-celebrity take on his look is the Dark Knight himself, Batman. From Michael Keaton to George Clooney to Kurt Russell, the caped crusader has had many looks and many men try to reinvent the famed character. Fans seemed to stop looking for a favorite when Batman took on a much darker persona in the Batman Begins franchise, made famous by actor Christian Bale. The franchise blew box office sales out of the water and turned Bale into the most loved Batman actor to date. However, with yet another twist, Ben Affleck now takes his turn with the gadget wielding hero; much to many fans dismay.

Affleck has not been a fan favorite in the realm of heroes since Daredevil was such a box office flop. Although the devil from Hell’s Kitchen has long been a comic book icon, very few moviegoers (or comic readers) were impressed with the lackluster film lead by Affleck’s lackadaisical and unbelievable performance. One can imagine the heavy sighs of disbelief and annoyance when they found that Affleck was trying to relive his heroic whims by taking on such an enormous iconic role such as Batman.

The special Comic Con 2015 trailer tells the story of Batman’s decision to take on Superman. A decision made for fear of the red caped hero’s ability to destroy mankind with the blink of a laser red eye. The trailer also alludes that the film is to have the epic storytelling feature that gave Man of Steel the few cool points it gained. In addition, it also gives fans that epic technological warfare that is so loved in the Batman franchise lead by Bale. Another plus for the trailer (and the film) is the special sneak peek at the famed Amazon heroine, Wonder Woman, played Gal Gadot. Her portrayal in the film is one of the reasons as to why Comic Con 2015 exploded with audience excitement during the Superman v Batman trailer.

Although the Comic Con 2015 trailer garnered much excitement, fans are hesitant to fall in love, as many studios (both film and television) have tried to incarnate the female princess with detrimental reviews and backlash. Such is the case in the TV series that was dropped before audiences got a chance to see it. Although not much has been said about Gadot taking on the role, much is being said about what the movie will and will not get right. Iconic for Wonder Woman, by far, is her costume. With Superman and Batman taking on a more textured and leather-like look, the trailer seems to show Princess Diana being more metallic in nature. Comic Con 2015 attendees, however, did not seem to have too many complaints as they were simply joyous to see the Amazon finally get to the silver screen.

The convention is one of the most talked about and attended conventions in the nation. With over 130,000 attendees at Comic Con 2015 alone, it is hard to believe that many convention goers feel the ticketed gathering is losing its touch. Many comic book lovers may contest that fact, saying that nothing superhero related will ever really go out of style. However, whether or not comic conventions are dwindling in nature, one thing is for sure; Comic Con 2015’s audience explosion of anticipation with the Superman v Batman trailer was more than enough for some.

By Danyol Jaye

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