‘Firefly’ Spoof ‘Con Man’ With Alan Tudyk [Video]

The sci-fi cult TV show Firefly was canceled over 10 years ago and from Nathan Fillion’s shadow arose Alan Tudyk. Tudyk has been busy in the movie industry, although he has taken on roles that are not as publicly well-known as Fillion’s in the past 10 years. The actor has been in a handful of live action movies and has done voices for many animations. Most recently, he launched a highly successful campaign for the Web series, Con Man, written and directed by none other than himself. Con Man is a spoof on Firefly and Comic-Con gathering with Alan Tudyk and Fillion as co-stars.


Tudyk plays the role of an actor who was on a canceled cult sci-fi television show and has become a tragi-comic figure as he falls deeper into the shadow of his highly successful former co-star, played by none other than Fillion himself. Con Man premieres on Vimeo in September 2015. The trailer featuring Seth Green, Milo Ventimiglia, Henry Collins, and Joss Whedon, to name a few, had a positive screening July 9, at the show’s Comic-Con panel.

That is not all Tudyk had to offer fans. After the debut of the Con Man trailer, the cast spent time in the Entertainment Weekly Lounge at Comic Con where he and Fillion revealed that there could be a Firefly reunion in season 2 of Con Man, sealing the new series with the complete fullness of the spoof. In an interview with EW’s Marc Snetiker, Tudyk said that he had possible roles in mind for Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, and Morena Baccarin.

When Tudyk began to share his spoof series idea about sci-fi conventions, TV production studios mocked the fans. According to Paste Magazine, one executive told Tudyk, “You’re not going to be able to fund the show on the back of those weird convention nerds.”  Fillion added that this was a tribute to the fans, but the big television executives did not honor, understand or respect their followers.Firefly

Tudyk and Fillion took the idea directly to those “weird convention nerds” and raised over $3 million through Indiegogo crowdfunding, which is the third largest effort to fund a film on any platform. The fans funded the series directly touching the hearts of the Con Man co-stars. Tudyk said he would be indebted to his fans for life because they were the ones who funded his dream. Tudyk said that the impact the fans have had on them has affected him, personally, in major ways, including helping to shape their lives and roles they have both played.

The panel was hosted by Chris Hardwick. Joining Tudyk and Fillion on stage were special guests from the series including Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Tricia Helfer. This was the first time any web series had completely taken over the primary convention hall and packed the room. Fans are excited about the Firefly co-stars working with each other again on the Con Man spoof. Aside from the inspiration of Tudyk’s vision, fans were privileged to witness Hardwick serenade Wheaton with Stand By Me. There was also a proposal from one crew member to another, who are happy that they are now able to get married at their home in the Carolinas.

By Jeanette Smith


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