Guillermo Del Torro Unveils New Punk-Gothic Horror Tale

Del Torro

On July 11, Comic-con’s slate of upcoming movies did not just hold court to caped crusaders and wise cracking assassins. Guillermo Del Torro, unveiled his new punk-gothic horror tale Crimson Peak at the jammed packed Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center. The Mexican-born director, is known for his films such as the foreign tale, Pan’s Labyrinth, and his most financially successful films Hellboy and Hellboy II:The Golden Army. 

Crimson Peak is the latest addition to his library of horror and fantasy tales, that he describes as a “gothic romance.” Del Torro said, “don’t expect a reinvention where the house turns out to be a spaceship.” He also added that it is the most beautiful movie he has ever made. Considering the scope and beauty of  Pan’s Labyrinth, fans who venture out to see Crimson Peak will appreciate Torro’s latest horror flick. His dark touch of slimy tall tales can be traced to his boyhood days in Mexico. As a curious twit he would roam the streets and creepy tunnels of his homeland and collect slugs. Many of his slimy collections have been featured in his past films.

Del Torro

The Mexican director has been described by his mother as being a “morbid child,” but these days he would just be mythically eccentric, or just “Goth”. Everything under a wet log, and slithers through gunk are what make the fantasy director’s DNA. With his new gothic-punk horror tale, Crimson Peak, Guillermo Del Toro unveils his take on nineteenth century women and haunted houses.

Crimson is the story of an aspiring author who is torn between love of her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. It stars Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam, who is fresh off the Sons of Anarchy skillet. In his interview at Comic-con, Del Torro admitted that Crimson was his opportunity to flip the script on the tropes of the horror genre. His intent was to make Crimson Peak a female centric gothic romance. An actor described the movie as being a little Goonies, Gremlins and Poltergeist, nuff said.

At the packed 6,000 seat hall, the director explained that he had to make a film that empowered women, he did not want to display the typical damsel in distress. The director also said that Lady Lucille, who is the main character in the haunted tale, is a different point of view of what it is to be a female. The famed producer/director favored his film to the likes of  Jane Eyre and I Walked with a Zombie, and if you fuse these movies together, fans are going to admire his current template of romance and squeaky haunted closets.

Del Torro promised to make more than just a nineteenth century gothic romance. The women characters in his past films have all been strong-willed, so there’s no doubt that his latest hero will be tight-fisted. Unveiling his new punk-gothic tale at Comic-con, Guillermo Del Torro opened a dusty novel from his childhood bookshelf. Crimson Peak in essence is a haunted house flick, but with Del Torro behind the lens, you can be sure that his gothic hero is never safe but always thick-skinned. Crimson Peak creeps into dark and scary theaters in October 2015.

By Phillip Hernandez


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