‘Real Housewives of New York’ Got Cutthroat Over Diamonds & Denim [Recap]

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It was another exhausting day for The Real Housewives of New York as they ended their vacation in Turks and Caicos. Picking up from last week’s drama and Bethany heading back home early for her daughters recital, the girls of New York had their last fancy dinner together before going from zero to sixty in no time flat. The Real Housewives of New York got cutthroat over diamonds and denim after ending their vacation in paradise and heading home to the big apple.

Who knew that one little word could cause such a commotion among these Real Housewives? Dorinda, Luann, and Heather had verbal blows in an outlandish (and quite comical) exchange over how un-classy it is to drop the F-bomb. It has not been the first time that Dorinda has had one too many dirty martinis and gotten over emotional with the girls. However, Heather seemed to be on the striking end of Dorinda’s diatribe. “We come from the same place…” screamed Dorinda as she and Heather left to have a private exchange. After a few minutes of privacy (and a quick dismissal of the ever meddling Ramona), the uptown girl and the fashion diva were back on track; hugging and kissing it out like nothing had happened.

Things heated up for the rest of the Real Housewives as they partied the night away sans Heather and Carole. With some girl on guy action that led to Heather waking up to a naked stranger, the drama did not disappoint viewers. As Heather and Carole policed the entire house to get to the bottom of who the strange man was (naked) in the room across from them, sneaky, “snakey” Ramona tossed Luanne in the fire for a few extra minutes of shut-eye. After bursting into Luann’s room to discover that Ramona was the one who had the man sleeping upstairs, the Countess gives Heather the best advice ever, “Be cool…don’t be all, like, uncool.”

With Turks and Caicos behind them in the beautiful sunset, the Real Housewives headed back to New York City and prepared for Kristen’s Diamond and Denim party. Kristen decided she was going to team up with a charity named Smile Train and donate a percentage of sold bedazzled jeans at an auction. Heather’s Yummie clothing line provided the jeans and Kristen brought all the trimmings to decorate with. All seemed well until Bethany and Luanne arrived holding some grudges against Kristen and Heather. Thomson sure does seem to be in the line of many fires this season, does she not? In any case, Bethany confronts the blue-eyed blonde about negative comments in the press. The former talk-show host says that she has enough enemies who slay her name and does not need it from those trying to be her friend. How shocked fans must have been when Kristen rebutted with, “Who said that I wanted to be your friend…”

While the former talk-show host and the nail polish princess squashed their beef, another storm arose between fashionista’s Luanne and Heather. By some wonky interpretation of recent events (and possibly a small little birdie named Dorinda), Luanne assumed that Heather and Carole’s intrusion into her room was less about a strange man in theirs and more about finding one in Luanne’s. The Countess said that she does not need friends trying to “catch” her in any sexual acts when she is a grown woman who can do as she pleases. Now, for fans who watched the show, it is highly unlikely that Heather or Carole gave two wooden nickels about who Luanne had in her bedroom. Many would agree with Bethany’s blog post saying, “I get being alarmed by a naked man, albeit not to the point of dramatic sobbing.” It sure was no normal decorating party as The Real Housewives of New York got cutthroat over diamonds and denim in a very real way.

The storm of disagreement finally pulled Ramona in and forced an apology out of her that many believe was nothing more than her way to weasel out of the hot seat; as per her usual antics. Kristen sat in horror (as she always does) not knowing what to say or what to do. It will forever seem that the adage “a deer in headlights” is fitting for the nail polish entrepreneur. With many words minced and crossed with one another, the ladies exit the party respectfully, leaving Kristen wondering what the heck just happened. Previews for the next episode are sure to have fans on the edge of their seats as Kristen’s event plays out with the Countess making some very harsh comments about the rest of the girls. One thing is for sure, The Real Housewives of New York did not leave the drama lacking as they got cutthroat over diamonds and denim. The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye

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