An Open Letter to Prince Fans

PrinceThis is an open letter to the many fans of the late Prince Nelson Rogers. The musician was a one-of-a-kind entertainer who inspired an innumerable amount of people in the entertainment industry. His had a musical style which was unique and as an artist maintained a certain mystique about him. To the shock and upset of fans around the globe, the 57-year-old trendsetter was found dead on Thursday, April 21, 2016, at his Paisley Park estate.

The “sudden” death of the famed artist thrust the media world into a frenzy. Some credited the Illuminati, along with other conspiracy theories, with his death while other outlets suggested an addiction to Percocet painkillers and now it has been reported that Prince was diagnosed with HIV years ago which recently turned into full-blown AIDS. Supposedly, the singer refused treatment believing God would heal him.

What is stranger than any of the theories around his untimely demise is the reaction of his many fans. People have overwhelmed social media with disdain for the alleged illnesses about a man who went out of his way to ensure his life was private. It is puzzling that Prince could live such a private life for decades and now so many people claim to know that the allegations could not possibly be true. Fans have said things such as:

I call BS on #prince dying of #aids if this were true and he was told 6 months ago to prepare to die, why start a tour and have no will????

and …

Why do people who have nothing better to do trash the memory of an entertainer or celebrity? Prince was a Christian, a Republican, and an awesome showman. Out of respect for the man let him rest in peace.

The reason for the open letter is one can only imagine all of the pressures society puts on superstars of his caliber. Not to mention obligations of the business, family and the many pressures entertainers put on themselves in order to preserve a certain image. Prince was a perfectionist and as such, the stress to maintain such an image is enough to drive anyone crazy. One of the best and most sensible posts published on Twitter read:

HIV, AIDS or addicted to whatever, don’t care. Prince is/was/always will be a legend.

As opposed to being angry that his death is being investigated or that all types of scandals have surfaced, why not just honor the music he left as a legend? Regardless if he misused painkillers, or had contracted the HIV Virus why would any feel that this tarnishes the singer’s image? Truth is, 98 percent of the people who are upset about the allegations did not know him. Even if they claimed to have met him once or twice, it was not Prince in his true self, contrariwise, it was only his “representative.” He allowed people to see who he wanted to portray.

My first pastor and a great influence in my life died years ago with allegations of the AIDS virus surrounding his death. During those days, social media did not exist which meant all of the opinionated people who now have a platform to share their voice did not have that luxury. Even still, word got around pretty fast and many of his “fans” and loyal church members were angry about it. I was young and impressionable, but none of the allegations changed my mind about the man who had impacted my life so greatly.

There was not a scandal that could surface, and trust me many of them arose, that could alter all of the great things he had imparted into my life. I could not have cared less if he had AIDS, or had succumbed to any of the other pressures of being a “celebrity.” He was not only a pastor but a traveling recording artist and trendsetter in the industry. He was my hero and no form of disgrace or public opinion could change that… then or now.

The things that followed my late pastor’s death accompanied the call on his life, in the same vein as Prince Nelson Rogers. Prince was a man on a mission and along his journey, he made many choices that had the power to lead to seen and unforeseen consequences. Instead of being angry because unfavorable allegations have now surfaced surrounding the musician, continue to honor his memory by celebrating the legendary contribution he left for all to enjoy.Prince

An autopsy was completed prior to the cremation of his remains, but the whole truth of who the man many loved simply as “Prince” may never materialize. However, choosing to ignore the possibilities that any of the allegations could contain truth, does no more good for the celebrity than being surrounding by a powerless entourage that could not empower him to get the help he may have needed.

Celebrities are humans too. They do not have the same privilege as others who get to live out their lives and mistakes in private. If they are blessed enough to maintain a level of secrecy in their lifetime, in death the gloves come off. Such is the case with Prince. He was a man with struggles, problems, temptations, and pressures. Instead of robbing his memory of those things that made him human, allow the possibilities to surface.

Remember, no scandal has the power to affect a person who is no longer alive to entertain the stigma. Prince left a strong and undeniable legacy which includes a host of music for decades and a vault which has yet to be released. As a slave to the recording label, industry, his fears, and insecurities, this untimely death, although a surprise to fans, may have been welcomed release for a battle-fatigued Prince.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Hollywood Life: Prince Diagnosed With AIDS 6 Months Before He Died & Refused Treatment

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