Bernie Sanders Projected Winner of Wisconsin Primary


Bernie Sanders was declared the winner in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination in the Wisconsin primary on April 5, 2016. According to NBC News, at 10:00 p.m. CDT, with 58 percent of the vote counted, Sanders lead with 55 percent, which left Hillary Clinton only 44.

Sanders accepted this win while speaking to a robust crowd in Laramie, Wyoming. They cheered him while he spoke of the momentum his campaign was gaining. Sanders defined momentum as the gains made in comparison to the beginning of the race when he was between 60 and 70 points behind Clinton.

When Sanders thanked the six million individual donors to his campaign, he stated that this was unprecedented. He boasted that he had continued to refuse support from billionaires and Super Pacs. “Real change doesn’t take place from the top on down — it always takes place from the bottom up.” He is looking forward to winning the next primaries, especially Wyoming and New York. Sanders heartily thanked the voters in Wisconson.

Clinton posted a congratulatory tweet to Sanders and thanked her supporters for pouring their hearts into her campaign.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz was the projected winner with 51 percent of the vote, leaving Donald Trump 33 and John Kasich 14. In typical Trump fashion, he was dissatisfied with Cruz winning. He claimed it was a set-up between Cruz and the Super Pacs.

Cruz, on the other hand, is calling this the turning point in his campaign. He stated he is convinced he will secure enough delegates to win the nomination.

By Cathy Milne


NBC News: Live Blog: NBC News Projects Wins for Sanders, Cruz in Wisconsin

Image Courtesy of Marc Nozell’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License