Guns N’ Roses Announce Their New Tour

Guns n' Roses

Guns n’ Roses announced their “Not in This Lifetime Tour” on April 1, 2016, using a Facebook video. The tour will start June 23, in Detroit. The band will play in 21 cities in North America, before that, Guns n’ Roses will play warm-up gigs in Nevada, California, Mexico and Canada. Tickets became available to the public on April 8.

In a surprise move that came as a shock to many diehard fans, on April 1, for an exclusive concert to see the original members Guns N’ Roses back together, on stage, for the first time in 23 years. Tower Records sold concert tickets for $10. Slash, Guns n’ Roses’s guitarist, previously worked at Tower Records in Los Angeles. The legendary rock back played at the Troubadour in West Hollywood for 500 lucky fans.

The band has a rocky past. The original lineup parted ways in 1996 and the last time they were seen performing together was in ’93. The feud between Slash and Axl Rose carried on for the better part of two decades. The two refused to work together but Guns n’ Roses fans remained loyal.

CBS News caught up with some fans waiting at Tower Records for tickets,”This is the best day of my life! This is going to be the coolest show ever! It’s the best band ever!” Another fan shouted, “[This] is more important to me than the birth of my child.”

Breaking into the music scene in 1987, the group was competing with glam bands of the 80s. While most groups wrote songs about partying, Guns n’ Roses sang about the harsh realities of living in L.A. during that time. In 1987, the band released its debut album, Appetite for Destruction. Today, the album stands as a monolith of musical achievement and a legacy of the 80s.

The band released two more studio albums before tensions began to build. Use Your Illusion was a two-disc album introducing 30 new songs. In 1993, the group released The Spaghetti Incident? in which they covered many classic songs from their mentors. Then, in 1994, the band split. The last time Guns n’ Roses played together, with both Slash and Rose, was in Buenos Aires, ’93.

Leaving thousands of fans heartbroken the two stayed at odds for over two decades. A sea of jubilation washed over fans when Guns n’ Roses announced their new tour. From June to August, the band will be playing across the country and have even announced performance dates for Mexico City and Toronto.

According to their website, they are performing a mini-tour called, “Nightrain.” April 7 and 8, Guns n’ Roses performed at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. They will be at the Coachella music festival in Calif., before playing in Mexico City, April 19-20, then returning to headline in Coachella.

The “Not in This Lifetime Tour” will kick off on June 23. Detroit, Mich., will host one of rock ‘n’ roll’s legendary bands at Fort Field.

In 2012, TMZ caught up with Rose and asked him a few questions, including if there were any plans bring the original members back for a tour. As Rose stepped into his car, closing the door, he looked back at the reporter and said, “Not in this lifetime.”

CBS News got a different reaction from Slash. In 2015, the guitarist was interviewed on CBS This Morning, where he hinted that the group could get back together. He told CBS there were a lot of issues keeping them apart but that was old news. Gayle King asked if he wanted to do a reunion. Slash replied, “If everybody wanted to do it, and do it for the right reasons, I think the fans would love it.”

They appeared to love it; people lined up around the block for tickets on April 1. Thousands more were waiting for the April 8, ticket release. Guns n’ Roses announcing their reunion tour had come as a blessing to many fans. Fans are geared up to, “Take [them] down to the Paradise City.”

By Harrison Baker
Edited by Jeanette Smith & Cathy Milne


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