17-Year-Old Male Fatally Shot in Chicago Humboldt Park Shooting [Video]


Guardian Liberty Voice’s Photo Journalist, Untrail D. Boyd, has reported another shooting on Chicago’s Northwest side.

Today, an unnamed 17-year-old male was fatally struck by a bullet to the head at the intersection of Chicago and Drake. Boyd’s companion, Steve Rogers, was driving past the intersection of Chicago and Drake as he was dropping his father off. Rounding the corner, Rogers heard the high pitch sound of police sirens as a flurry of law enforcement vehicles headed his way. Almost immediately thereafter, Rogers saw one of his friends in the area and asked him what had happened. Steve says that he was told that a young man had been shot in the head on the corner. Rogers raced to the sceneĀ and videotaped the pandemonium that followed.

By DiMarkco Chandler
Videographer: Steve Rogers
Contributor: Untrail D. Boyd

Images Credits: Untrail D. Boyd