NFL and the Reasons Women Love It


Audiences worldwide patiently wait for the NFL football season to begin every year. Where men in tight pants run up and down a field chasing the man with the ball for their chance at attending the Superbowl. Each year, the teams receive new uniforms due to the wear and tear they endure during a season to Nadia Singer form Quara. She says that they often change jerseys during halftime, and that some jerseys are auctioned off after a season unless the player achieved a milestone during a game, and wishes to keep it.

Football fans, worldwide, wait eagerly to see what the new uniforms will look like for every new season, tight pants and all. Women get in line with their counterparts, ready for the reveal. Is it because they actually enjoy football? Or is it because they love to see their favorite team/players running down the field, chasing the man with the ball in their tight, tight pants.

According to Bloomberg, women watching football has risen between the years 2009 to 2013. They have become the greater fan-base. The present ratio attending the sport stands at 26 percent women while only 18 percent are men. This statistical dominance by women is still on the rise. Some might speculate that the reason for this is because women like to watch muscle-bound men in tight pants run up and down a field showing off their great athletic abilities. But according to Lauren Perry’s statement on the subject, “these human beings, many from humble beginnings, are defying gravity, breaking records, and using their bodies as machines and as a unit.” Meaning her love for the game is that she loves the sport itself vs. watching the men to observe and enjoy their physical attributes.

Lauren also goes on to say, “It creates an understanding and a community. When I wear my Wes Welker jersey (for the Broncos, NOT the Patriots) to the store or the bank, other football fans know to either immediately trust me or to narrow their eyes and make a snide remark about Peyton’s unreliability (to which I would retort something about his record-breaking season).” This leads to an understanding which suggest that not all women are watching just to see men in tight pants run after another man with a ball. This notion can be examined  further in the article titled, The Cut (2013). Lead commissioner, Robert Goodall,  is quoted to say, “maybe some women still do just come out to see the hot guys. “Maybe your “level” is that you think the players are hot. “The number one thing in Japan was the tight pants,” Goodell explained. “The female audience came to the game because they wanted to see the players in the tight pants. Okay, if that’s what it takes to get you in the stadium, I’m there.” The mix of women who enjoy watching the NFL and the reasons as to why they are there supporting their team could perhaps be further studied underneath a microscope.

There is a group called The NFL Woman’s Summit, which is a group that believes in the power of sports to support the future success for young women, both personally and professionally. They support the NFL and many other sports for men and women alike. The group supports girls who want to participate in being an athlete.

It could perhaps be said that even though the women fanbase has increased over the last few years, the reasons they sit and watch the game are diverse. They love the game, but it is also clear that they love men in tight pants too.

Opinion by Tracy Blake

Edited by DiMarkco Chandler


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Image Courtesy of Erik Drost Flicker Page  – Creative Commons License

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