Republican Race for the Nomination Down to One as John Kasich Quits


According to NBC News on May 4, 2016, which is the morning after coming in third in the Indiana Primary John Kasich is suspending his campaign. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign last night before the vote tallies were completely released. This leaves Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee for the GOP presidential race to the Washington D.C.

A senior advisor for the Kasich campaign told NBC News, that the Ohio Governor will be making the announcement on Thursday in Columbus, Ohio. This decision was announced after Kasich had canceled a scheduled press conference in Virginia.

The only primary Kasich won was his home state, Ohio, where he garnered 956,762 votes, which is equal to 46.8 percent of the state’s Republicans choosing him. He secured 66 of the 154 delegates he currently holds from winning in Ohio.

Kasich had previously stated he would remain in the contest throughout the remainder of the primary process and would be present at the Republican National Convention in Columbus, Ohio, in July as a contender for the nomination.

Benjy Sarlin wrote for NBC News: “Donald Trump cut a violent swath through a 17-person GOP field while spreading conspiracy theories about Muslims, Mexicans, and African-Americans, threatening violence against protesters and leveling misogynist attacks against his female critics.”

Trump is off and running with his negative comments now reflecting his position as the presumptive nominee for the GOP presidential race. This morning, his campaign appears to have shifted, as he believes himself to be the candidate to run Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 general election.

By Cathy Milne


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