Chicago Police Shooting Targets Humboldt Park Teenage Black Male [Video]

Police Shooting

Chicago’s Humboldt Park community on the Northwest side of the city is the location where a Guardian Liberty Voice photojournalist has just witnessed a police shooting of a teenage black male. The police shooting occurred at the intersection of Potomac and Karlov.

According to the reporter at the scene, several teenagers had been playing basketball sometime around 7 p.m. CT on June 6, 2016, when something happened. Something when wrong that caused one of the young African American’s to flee the scene and head to the block in which he resided. As the boy ran into a neighbor’s backyard he came upon a fence which he attempted to jump over. The witness asserts that just as the boy attempted to jump over the fence, he was fired upon by a white female officer. After the shooting, the commotion that ensued seems foggy at best. The youth was rushed to the hospital, however, it is not clear if he was taken to Norwegian American Hospital or Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center.

Presently, no further information is available to report at this time.

Guardian Liberty Voice will update this report as soon as more information is on hand.

Written by DiMarkco Chandler

Photojournalist: Untrail D. Boyd
Video secured by anonymous Buttpacks female photojournalist who witnessed the event

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