Innocent Bystander Shot in Chicago’s North Lawndale Community [Video]

Innocent Bystander

On June 17, 2016, at approximately 5:30 p.m. CT, Chicago’s North Lawndale community became the scene of another innocent bystander shooting on the city’s West Side.

The crime took place moments after the innocent bystander, Jennifer Arter, an African-American female employee of St. Agatha’s SAFE program, stepped outside to charge up her cell phone. According to one witness, Jennifer was shot in the arm as a result of an altercation that had escalated into gunfire down the street from where she stood, on the corner of Douglas and Kedzie.

Guardian Liberty Voice photojournalist Untrail D. Boyd said that Arter raised up her hands in a defensive posture when the shooting occurred. The reflective reaction may have prevented a more serious injury.

Following the shooting, Arter was taken by ambulance to Mount Sinai Hospital.

In an attempt to stop the senseless violence in the North Lawndale community, St. Agatha recently submitted a proposal to hire 100 individuals in the community, according to job developer, James Cannon. That proposal is currently in the hands of Alderman Michael Scott Jr. of Ward 24.

The publication attempted to reach Alderman Scott for a comment, however, he was unavailable at the time.

Written and Edited by DiMarkco Chandler

Videographer: Untrail D. Boyd
All Images Credited to Untrail D. Boyd – Used With Permission