Police Harassing Berwyn Residents: Video Surveillance Released [Video]


On June 27, 2016, new video surveillance was released that shows possible past police brutality against residents of a Berwyn apartment building. According to Lisa Simmons, the Berwyn police entered her home in the spring of 2015, broke down her door, and tasered her son. Simmons said: “It all was for no reason.”

Simmons explained that it was late in the evening when her oldest son, 27-year-old Dwayne, began to complain about having a hurt shoulder. The family called for an ambulance, but police came instead.

“Five officers were at my door, not focused on the injured shoulder but was more focused on who was in my house. The police entered my apartment building and tried to go into my house.”

While the police were still in the hallway, the officers grabbed her youngest son, 24-year-old Jerome. They began pulling on him and telling him to come out of the apartment.

“They ended up tasing him,” Simmons said. “Then they [the police] came into the house and kicked down my door and put padlocks on them.”

The event did not stop there. The police were not finished yet.

“They went upstairs and searched my neighbor’s house and brought dogs in the house and everything,” she added.

Simmons and her three sons were residing in the apartment, which was also a music studio for up-and-coming artists. She stated that there were about ten people in the studio at that time.

Simmons said eventually they all came down “one by one” with their hands up. All of the people in the studio were arrested. They were each charged with resisting arrest.

“I live in the suburbs with my son, and their friends are upcoming rap artists,” she said. “There is a lot of traffic in and out. But there is no drugs or anything like that and I’ve never had any calls for disturbance.” Simmons believes that she and her family were targeted.

Eventually, all the charges were dropped against everyone but Simmons’ sons.

Opinion News by Angela Rightout
Edited by Cathy Milne


Interview: Lisa Simmons
Image and Video Courtesy of Lisa Simmons – Used With Permission

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