Empathetic Representation for People of Nevada [Letter to the Editor]


Las Vegas –  To the editor of Guardian Liberty Voice.

“Working people know that the path to prosperity starts with electing candidates like Catherine Cortez Masto who support a raising wages agenda. We have the opportunity to win equal pay, paid leave, fair scheduling, and higher wages.

We are also on the verge of beating back bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that harm our communities. That is why Catherine Cortez Masto is the right choice.

In Nevada, we have been hard hit by the economic downturn. Catherine Cortez Masto is on the right side of the issues that matter the most to working people. And she already has a record of standing up for Nevadans against big banks and special interests.

Catherine Cortez Masto was one of the first attorneys general to go after big banks during the foreclosure crisis and win relief for Nevada’s working families.

Voting is a right, and it’s a central part of our democracy. This year, with so much at stake, it is critical that we get out to vote and elect Catherine Cortez Masto who stands with working families and will not let us down.”

Thank you,

Richard Rosenthal, Las Vegas Resident

Editor’s Note

Catherine Cortez Masto the Democratic candidate for 2016 Nevada’s Senatorial race. Masto has previous public service experience as the Attorney General of Nevada between 2007-2015.

The official website for the candidate outlines the issues she will fight for as Senator. They include:

  • Jobs –  creation, equal pay, and minimum wage
  • Human rights – education, protecting seniors, women’s health, immigration, human trafficking, and LGBT discrimination
  • National  – energy and environment, housing, trade, and ending Citizens United
  • State – Yucca Mountain and all of the above

Her previous experience includes serving as an Assistant County Manager for Clark County, Nevada. Masto was a federal criminal prosecutor for the United States Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. Additionally, she was Chief of Staff to Governor Bob Miller, who served Nevada between 1989-1999.

Senior Political Editor: Cathy Milne

Ballotpedia: Catherine Cortez Masto
Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate Website: About – A LIFETIME SPENT FIGHTING TO PROTECT NEVADA FAMILIES

Image Courtesy of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Right’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons

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