International Woman’s Day in East Jerusalem Blocked by Israeli Minister

International Woman's Day

Every year, women gather around the world for a day made just for them, International Woman’s Day. The celebration includes conferences, exhibits, fun runs, concert performances, and awards. It was held on March 8, 2017.

Sadly, women of East Jerusalem were not allowed to attended their Woman’s Day. The Palestinian women were issued an order preventing them from attending the cultural event.

Director of the woman’s advocacy organization, Zahour Abu Miala, said her group and the event are not associated with, nor do they have any connections to the Palestine Authority (PA). They only needed a break from the daily grind.

We just wanted to take women out of their difficult routines in order to enjoy a modest artistic performance – they won’t allow us even that.

Law enforcement raided the Saint George Hotel after an order by Public Security Minister (PSM) Gilad Erdan was issued. The police then delivered the order to the Palestinian women at the hotel. Miala said that the number of police officers who came to stop the International Woman’s Day event was surprising. She told the officers the event was only for women. Nevertheless, they were treated like criminals.

Furthermore, Erdan’s decision to cancel the International Woman’s Day event was because the PA planned and sponsored the festival. He went on to say, there were repeated attempts by Hamas and the PA to strengthen their grasp on East Jerusalem. The PA was trying to, “undermine the State of Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem,” and he will not allow it.

Written by Tracy Blake
Edited by Jessica Hamel


Haaretz: Israeli Minister Blocks Women’s Day Event in East Jerusalem, Citing Palestinian Authority Ties

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Master Steve Rapport’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License