I’m Just Saying…What Is America Great at Again?


I have been a little taken back over the past few months, as I have allowed the American political landscape and the news media machine play out a wicked and intense display of War of the Words! While it has been great theater, especially if you like fake news versus a President who uses lies/alternate facts, and have disdain for certain people of color or of certain religions.

However, I happen to be a 60-year-old man, who remembers certain core principles that used to mean something, such as Your WORD! What you say, should mean everything. I remember my father’s decree, the three most despicable things he would not tolerate in his home: a liar, a thief, and an abuser of women and children.

The United States currently has a president who thinks it is okay to say anything he wants. He does not even consider the accuracy of his comments or the repercussion of his words. Meanwhile, the news media cherry picks the stories they highlight and fact-check based on constituency affiliation. Then, there is unmitigated evidence of our president’s lack of respect for women, and the typical uneducated true Trump supporter, who thinks race on an employment application begs for the answer…Never ran in one!

The real problem with all that is happening in America is that this type of behavior is actually not uncommon. When presidential candidate Donald Trump blew his horn loud and clear to the tune of “Make America Great Again,” many in his base and in the media knew what song he was playing, and when he became president it was once again a hit!

Yes, once again it is okay to promise and sign treatise with our country’s Native Americans and then, for greed and profit tell them, “No Deal,” move out or face dire consequences.

Yes, once again it is okay to discriminate based on the color/race/religion of a fellow human being!

Yes, once again its okay to make the political process harder to be exercised by people of color and minimized economic means.

Yes, this is what will make “America Great Again!” But for Who? The oligarchy that definitely exists in this country and around the world has been playing the masses forever. Yet, “We the People” are nothing but pawns on the chess board!

Wake up people….Making America Great Again has got nothing to do with YOU being part of that greatness!!!!

Opinion by James Cannon
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Image Courtesy of┬áNick Pezzillo’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License