Is It a Witch Hunt or Karma

Witch Hunt

Donald Trump claims the investigation about his relationship with Russia, and his bromance with Vladimir Putin is a witch hunt. Karma has a way of circling back against people who use their influence to mount hysterical and ideological campaigns against others. The president is experiencing the universal law —  A person reaps what they sow.

In 2011, Trump saw an opportunity to be in the spotlight and plotted to be front and center in the witch hunt against Barrack Obama. Trump did not start the birther movement. Instead, he used his position and money to inflame the witch hunt encouraging birthers with claims that the former president was not an American citizen. Trump pushed the issue of the birther movement throughout Obama’s tenure, even after the latter released his birth certificate.

The birther movement opponents scoffed at those who continued to the claim by posting memes. One of those was a photo of the Hawaiian Islands with an o – slash (Ø), essentially asking if the birther pundits believed that citizens of the 50th state were not, in fact, Americans.

When the Obamas represented the U.S. in Kenya, and the former president was photographed wearing traditional garb, which further fueled the witch hunt. Then, the birthers became more convinced the first African-American president was not a citizen.

Not once did Obama whine about the movement, at least not in public. He complied with skeptics and produced proof that he was born in the United States. The former president, however, took the opportunity to roast Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He used satire to assert his negative feelings about the real estate mogul and the birthers.

But no one is happier, no one is prouder, to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the Donald and that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter: Like, did we fake the moon landing?

During the 2015-16 campaign cycle, Trump continued to feed this seemingly convincing witch hunt. He even claimed it was Hillary Clinton who began the birther movement. In his witch hunt against his opponent, the then-presidential candidate stood on a debate stage and furthered the birther movement but placed blame on his opponent and then released a statement.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign first raised this issue to smear then-candidate Barack Obama in her very nasty, failed 2008 campaign for President. This type of vicious and conniving behavior is straight from the Clinton Playbook. As usual, however, Hillary Clinton was too weak to get an answer.

Trump’s attempt to blame his opponent for starting the birther witch hunt in 2007, was one of the tools he used to attract voters to his side. Unfortunately for him, Snopes debunked the claim lodged against Clinton. In that story, they made the point that Trump was the most visible proponent of the birther movement.

Whining about the so-called witch hunt against him seems like karma rearing its ugly head. The very man who questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency and claimed his allegiances did not align with those of the United States is now reaping exactly what he has sown. As the axiom reminds people — karma is a bit*h!

By Cathy Milne


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  1. Nikos Retsos   March 4, 2017 at 8:14 am

    I bet that Donald Trump advisers need anti-Trump conspiracy tips to fuel his rhetoric, and they present to him any gossip flying around as an attack on him to prove their job performance. And given the U.S. establishment anti-Trump campaign to portray him as a Russo-phile, Trump is inclined to believe every negative about him as true. I hope Trump would become more serious as he matures on the job, and then he should clean house by firing his inept accolades, and replaces them with fresh and serious thinkers – not amateurs chasing old wives tales. Nikos Retsos, retire professor, Chicago


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