Federal Department Boss Is Terminated by the President


The Washington post stated that President Donald Trump terminated FBI Director James B. Comey on Tuesday. Senior Justice Department officials suggested the conclusion of Comey’s career.

The officials from the Justice Department told Trump that Comey damaged the credibility of the FBI and Justice Department by favoring her in a hearing before the election. Clinton was the current president’s opponent at the time.

Attorney General (AG) Jeff Session declared that Andrew Gabe would be the FBI’s acting director. Gabe was the former federal director’s assistant.

On the afternoon of April 09, 2017, White House staff member Keith Schiller arrived at the federal headquarters to deliver Comey’s dismissal letter from Trump. However, the disgraced FBI director was not there.

Breitbart also stated that Clinton’s former campaign aides defended the terminated federal director. The former aide campaign defended Comey despite blaming him for their candidate’s presidential election loss.

Clinton’s former aide campaign manager posted a tweet saying that the Federal director being fired “terrifies” him. However, he stated that he was upset and irritated as anybody at how the email examination was managed.

Former President Barack Obama’s aide accused Trump of hiding from the Russian investigation, as well.  Former Obama White House Communications Director, Jen Psaki stated that dismissing Comey was one of the chilling things the chief executive officer has done. Psaki declared that the former White House aide would phrase his words in a more than harsh manner.

Breitbart said that Ben Rodes a former White House National Security Advisor was appalled, as well. Rodes cited that firing a federal director is not fitful or typical for a democracy. He then stated that the fixed 10-year tenure for the head of the United States FBI is created to avert from this. He finally concluded that the justification of the last several months of this administration is plainly vulgarly and wholly implausible.

Democrats in the Senate accused the president of attempting to hide the investigation on Twitter. Additionally, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer inquired about Trump’s timing of his decision. He then stated that every American would correctly contemplate that firing Comey was part of a conspiracy.

NPR also stated that President Trump had released Comey from his position while he was overseeing his investigation of the alleged Russian interference of the 2016 Presidential election. The source also said that the FBI was also inquiry several Trump aides who potentially had ties to the Russian Federation.

However, the White House stated that the disgraced FBI chief handling of the probe regarding Clinton’s email server while she was Secretary of State was the reason for his firing. Although, rival Democrats called the action by the Executive Branch as “Nixonian,” which is a reference to a late U.S. president who was forced to step down in 1974.

CNN reported that, on Wednesday, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Trump has been considering firing Comey since election day. Sanders stated that the president no longer has confidence in the former FBI director. The president then terminated the Federal department boss.

Sanders also declared that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein raised the concerns on the day before Comey was fired. She then said that the Deputy Attorney General prompt Trump to ask Rosenstein to write down his recommendations.

CNN also stated that the President had been unimpressed by the former head of the FBI for his entire transition period and then early presidency was surprising. The mainstream news network concludes that the White House had shown confidence in the previous FBI head many different times.

Sanders stated that the Chief Executive Officer was not alone in losing confidence in Comey. The Whiter House staff deputy also said that many in the FBI lost faith in the former FBI head. That was before the Federal department boss was terminated.

Opinion by John A. Federico
Edited by Cathy Milne


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